Music Video “Out for the Glory”

Official video for the “Out For The GLory” has been released on Youtube

“I had an idea for a video where all band members are depicted as dinky, odd noble courtiers and ministers” Michael Weikath explains. “All of us should be floating in the clouds, Deris as a nutty emperor…and after a while more and more details came up and at one point in time we wrote everything down and sent the video concept to the Australian animation team”.

Aaron McLoughlin, Senior Lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne, who has already been involved in several projects with Atomic Fire Records CEO Florian Milz mentioned: “When I heard that HELLOWEEN is interested in a collaboration I was totally gobsmacked. The boys are my absolute heroes since I was a teenager and I was sure that my students would love to work on a song by this band.”

And typically HELLOWEEN – the creativity was so outrageous that it was impossible to feature everything in one music video. “Seven and a half minutes might not sound like a lot but in animation terms it is a marathon. We had so much great stuff that the production of “OUT FOR THE GLORY“ was a real challenge. Weiki wanted the video to look as cute as possible and we immediately knew: A legendary band from the other side of the planet wants us to create a medieval epic full of cuteness? You bet!” McLoughlin recollects.

With a bit over 10.000 frames the iconic animation short movie is not only extremely elaborate, but also wicked and spacy, will cause a commotion and hopefully also a lot of fun and enjoyment. As Michael Weikath wishes with a twinkle in his eye: “I now expect that everyone will enjoy this and think it is funny and also that they see the signification!”

Created by students in the Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media) program at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Video script co-authored by Kati Rausch

Directed by: Melanie Avent & Lee Henry

Produced by: Melanie Avent, Juan Chacon-Olier, Aaron McLoughlin, Amy Wang

Animators: Melanie Avent, Yunlin Bai, Anastasia Beth, Rali Beynon, Noah Cail, Xinyu Chen, Wendy Cui, Cross Ferrer, Dannielle Gilbert, Lee Henry, Nicole Huang, Carmen Kusumo, Xueqi Li, Jacynth Lim, Robert Luu, Rongrong Mai, Huey Jing Ng, Hoang Gia Nguyen, Gabrielle Poh, Herschel Rego, Courtney Spencer, Kate Tandoc, Vy Trinh, Hoai Diem Suong Truong, Amy Wang, Ari Xu, Haowen Xue, Joy Zou