Avantasia 2010/11

My first Avantasia concerts

After having seen Michael Kiske with his new band Unisonic, I was so happy that he finally said yes to participate in Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia tour 2010/11.

The tour was announced with a December 2010 start and that was exactly the time when I changed my job, so it was not possible to travel a lot. At least I managed to go to 2 concerts, Kaufbeuren and Fulda:

04.December 2010 Kaufbeuren:

The weather conditions were really extreme in Germany at the beginning of December with a lot of snow, but I was so excited to see Avantasia for the first time life, I did not really worry about it. I made it to the hotel in Kaufbeuren despite a lot of snowfall and with a lot of traffic delay, but I made it in time to have a little rest before the concert started.

When I arrived at the concert hall, already a lot of people were lining up in the freezing winter wonderland. Parking assistants helped with all the arriving cars and since it is in an industrial area, luckily finding a parkink slot was quite easy.

18.December 2010 Fulda:

06.August 2011 Wacken: