In 1995, Kiske participated as a guest on Gamma Ray’s (Kai Hansen’s band, formed after his departure from Helloween in late 1988) Land of the Free album, singing lead vocals on the song “Time To Break Free” and additional vocals on the track “Land of the Free”.

During 2002, Michael sang the song “Key to the Universe”, which was featured on Timo Tolkki’s (guitarist of the band Stratovarius) solo album Hymn to Life.

In 2003, Kiske took part in the metal opera Days of Rising Doom by Aina, in the role of the Narrator, singing on the songs “Revelations”, “Silver Maiden”, “Serendipity” and “Restoration”. During the same year he also sang on the duet “Heroes” (together with Jorn Lande), featured on Masterplan’s self-titled debut album.

In 2004, Michael sang on the duet “The Encounter”, together with the female vocalist of the band Thalion on their debut album Another Sun.

During 2005, Kiske was a guest on the heavy metal album Execution by the band Tribuzy, singing on the duet “Absolution”. Following this participation Kiske also sang as a guest on the song “Judas at the Opera”, featured on Edguy’s Superheroes EP.

In 2007, Michael sang on the duet “Breathe in Water”, together with the female vocalist of the band Indigo Dying on their self-titled debut album.

During 2008, Timo Tolkki departed from Stratovarius and formed the band Revolution Renaissance. The band’s debut album, New Era, was recorded by session musicians and Kiske on the role of the main singer, performing vocals for the tracks “I Did It My Way”, “Angel”, “Keep The Flame Alive”, “Last Night on Earth” and “Revolution Renaissance”.

In 2009, he was a guest on Trick or Treat’s album Tin Soldiers, singing all vocals on the song “Hello Moon” and additional lead vocals on the duet “Tears Against Your Smile”.

During 2010, he recorded guest vocals for the song “All You Need To Know”, featured on Gamma Ray’s To The Metal album.

In 2011, Kiske appeared as a special guest in Gamma Ray’s concert in Pratteln (Switzerland). The full show was released in both CD and DVD under the name Skeletons & Majesties Live in 2012. Michael sings on the songs “Time To Break Free”, “A While in Dreamland” and “Future World”.

In 2012, Michael sang the song “The Ethereal Dream (Reprise)”, featured on the album 34613 by the project Tomorrow’s Outlook.

During 2013, Kiske took part in Timo Tolkki’s metal opera project Avalon. Michael sang “The Land of New Hope” on the project’s debut album The Land of New Hope. In the same year he also sang as a guest on the duet “Fly”, featured on Infinita Symphonia’s self-titled album. During December, he participated in the “Christmas Metal Symphony 2013 tour”, sharing the stage with Joey Belladonna, Udo Dirkschneider, Chuck Billy, Joacim Cans, Floor Jansen and a symphonic orchestra.

In 2014, he sang on the duet “Black And White Forever”, featured on Starchild’s self-titled debut album.

During 2015, Kiske sang as a guest on the title track of the Wolfpakk album Rise of the Animal. In August of the same year he sang as a special guest with Rock Meets Classic (a project featuring Mat Sinner and the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague) performing at the Rock of Ages Festival and at Wacken Open Air Festival. On September 19, he performed at the Rock In Rio festival with the band Noturnall. 

In 2016, he participated as a guest vocalist on the Hansen & Friends XXX : 30 Years of Metal album singing “Stranger in Time” and on the project’s performance at Wacken Open Air Festival. The live performance was recorded and released on both CD and DVD under the title Hansen & Friends Thank You Wacken, on June 23, 2017. During the same year he also sang on the duet “Halleluja” with Swedish singer Aino Löwenmark, featured on her album Human. He returned to work on this recording with ex.SupaRed-members guitar player Sandro Giampietro and drummer Jürgen Spiegel. 

During 2018, Kiske sang on the duets “Angel Of Light” and “King Thorgan’s Hymn”, featured on the album Legend of Valley Doom part 2 by Marius Danielsen.

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