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14.12.17 – Bulgaria, Sofia, Helloween – Pumpkins United World Tour

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18.11.17 – Italy, Milan, Helloween – Pumpkins United World Tour

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14.11.17 – UK, London, Helloween – Pumpkins United World Tour

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Recorded live at Wacken Open Air Festival 2016 this is a unique snapshot in time as it was the first and will be the only performance of the songs from Kai Hansen’s 2016 solo debut “XXX – Three Decades In Metal”. For this special occasion Hansen gathered a unique line-up of friends from the metal genre around him to give the thousands of spectators a unique and memorable evening with an outstanding show

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Hansen was joined on stage by Alex Dietz on bass (Heaven Shall Burn), Eike Freese (Dark Age) on guitar, Michael Ehré (Gamma Ray) on drums, Corvin Bahn (Crystal Breed) on keys, Clémentine Delauney (Visions Of Atlantis) and Frank Beck (Gamma Ray) on backing vocals and as a special treat Michael Kiske (Helloween, Unisonic) entered the stage to perform some Helloween classics

The product will be available on DVD+CD, Digital as well as on gatefold 2LP (45 Rpm/180 gram)



A video with wishes from fans all around the world!

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of the brand new PLACE VENDOME album, “Close to the Sun” on February 24th, 2017

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You can pre-order it here:
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“Close to the Sun” tracklisting:

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1. Close To The Sun
2. Welcome To The Edge
3. Hereafter
4. Strong
5. Across The Times
6. Riding The Ghost
7. Light Before The Dark
8. Falling Star
9. Breathing
10. Yesterday Is Gone
11. Helen
12. Distant Skies


Produced by Dennis Ward
– Lead Vocals – Michael Kiske
– Backing vocals – Dennis Ward, Michael Kiske // Additional Choirs on “Strong” by Alessandro Del Vecchio
– Bass – Dennis Ward
– Keyboards – Günter Werno
– Drums – Dirk Bruinenberg
– All Rhythm Guitars by Dennis Ward, except: “Welcome To The Edge”, “Across The Times”, “Close To The Sun”, “Hearafter” – Rhythm Guitars by Uwe Reitenauer


– Guitar solo by Michael Klein on “Yesterday Is Gone”, “Distant Skies”, “Strong”, “Breathing”.
– Guitar solo by Uwe Reitenauer on “Close To the Sun”
– Guitar solo by Alfred Koffler on “Welcome To The Edge”
– Guitar solo by Magnus Karlsson on “Falling Star”
– Guitar solo by Gus G on “Light Beyond The Dark”
– Guitar solo by Simone Mularoni on “Hearafter”
– Guitar solo by Mandy Meyer on “Helen”
– Guitar solo by Kai Hansen on “Riding The Ghost” and “Across The Times”


Comments about “Close To The Sun”:


Of the album, Dennis Ward said, “[u]pon receiving the demos for the new songs intended for the new Place Vendome record I was a bit concerned because a few vocal styles seemed to go against what Michael Kiske is known for vocally. After talking together we agreed to just let the melodies come out naturally, without trying to imitate or “reproduce” the demos. Michael really stood up to this on the new album. He did “his” thing, with no compromises. He managed to make the songs his own and brought all the songs to another level. I have a lot of respect for him because of this and now the album is much more than just another AOR album. That being said I have to pay high respects to the other musicians on the album: Dirk Bruineberg proved again that he is a multi-talented drummer that can literally pull of any groove, any style of any era with the highest of expectations. Günter Werno is also a gem amongst a pile of stones. He really shines on this album and holds all the songs together, true to the Place Vendome sound. Uwe Reitenauer is also a master of his instrument taking over duties that were critical and complicated to say the least. He has the perfect AOR tone and can implement it no matter what type of song you throw at him. The rest of the “guests” that helped out made this album into a truly interesting compilation and also making this a milestone for Place Vendome. That being said, it’s the first Place Vendome album where I feel that we have achieved our trademark sound. This is how we want to be heard and this is how we imagine ourselves to sound.

Speaking of other album guests, once again, Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear) was one of the first to answer the call to participate and offered the awesome song, “Falling Star” to the project. Jani Liimatainen (Cain’s Offering Official, ex Sonata Arctica) was the next contributor with the epic “Welcome to the Edge”, the album’s tour de force. Following Labyrinth’s reunion, guitarist Olaf Thorsen sat with Eternal Idol, Angra, and former RHAPSODY singer Fabio Lione and offered “Helen” and “Riding the Ghost”. Frontiers’ President Serafino Perugino then proposed that his favourite DGM song, “Hereafter” be included. This brought DGM’s main composer, Simone Mularoni into the picture and he wrote the album’s title track and “Across the Times”. Alessandro Del Vecchio also offered two new songs, “Strong” and “Yesterday Is Gone”, while Secret Sphere’s guitarist Aldo LoNobile wrote “Distant Skies” and “Breathing”. The full picture was finally completed with a new song written by Swedish melodic rock artist Michael Palace (Palace, Skylander), “Light Before the Dark”.

Kiske and Ward wanted to make the album a little bit special, so besides the “usual suspects” (including drummer Dirk Bruinenberg, Vanden Plas Official’s ivory tinkler Gunter Werno and Pink Cream 69’s Uwe Reineauer on guitars), some guitar heavyweights appear on the recordings. The list includes Alfred Koffler and (of course) Uwe Reineauer of Pink Cream 69, Magnus Karlsson, Michael Klein, Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind), Simone Mularoni, and Unisonic guitarists Kai Hansen and Mandy Meyer among the others.

Kiske comments: “The production with my buddy Dennis was great, as always, but what I especially like about this album – beside the new microphone I used that Dennis has built me – is the various styles of the songs. It is all a still very AOR-produced album, but we also have progressive or ”wilder” elements here and there. It was (again) interesting to see how much the songs change until you finally reach the mixing stage.


15.04.16 – USA, New York, Avantasia

On April 15th,  Avantasia played their first ever show in New York City, and their second ever date in the United States in their entire 16 year career. Here is all the details:

The setlist:

1. Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
2. Ghostlights (Kiske/Sammet)
3. Invoke The Machine (Atkins/Sammet)
4. Unchain The Light (Kiske/Atkins/Sammet)
5. The Watchmakers Dream (Hartmann/Sammet)
6. The Scarecrow (Lande/Sammet)
7. Lucifer (Lande/Sammet)
8. What’s Left Of Me (Martin/Sammet)
9. The Wicked Symphony (Catley/Langhans/Somerville)
10. Draconian Love (Langhans/Sammet)
11. Farewell (Somerville/Sammet/Kiske)
12. Stargazers (Hartmann/Lande/Kiske)
13. Shelter From The Rain (Kiske/Sammet/Sommerville)
14. Let The Storm Descend Upon You (Lande/Sammet)
15. Promised Land (Lande/Sammet)
16. Reach Out For The Light (Kiske/Sammet)
17. Avantasia (Kiske/Sammet)
18. Twisted Mind (Atkins/Martin)
19. The Great Mystery (Martin/Sammet)
20. Dying For An Angel (Atkins/Martin)
21. The Story Ain’t Over (Sammet)
22. Lost In Space (Sammet)
23. Sign Of The Cross / The Seven Angels (All)

New York, USA

Random Photo from the show




Review by Staphanie (Elvenbeauty):

Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia-Ghostlights tour came to the U.S. this year for the first time ever in Avantasia History, bringing incredible talented artists together such as Michael Kiske, Jorn Lande, Eric Martin, Ronnie Atkins, Amanda Somerville, Herbie Langhans, and more… Being one of the first in line to enter the Playstation Theater in NYC was exciting enough, but my first Avantasia experience was mind-blowing. The energy of the crowd was explosive on the opening with “Mystery of a Blood Red Rose”, and got even louder when Michael Kiske came onstage during “Ghostlights”. There were several times when Tobi was speaking, the crowd would interupt him by chanting “Avantasia” and clapping, and Tobi would have this look of amazement on his face. Tobi stated a few times during the show that he was suprised by the audience in New York and at one point, he said that if they do another Avantasia album in the future, they would definately come back to New York. As the night went on, the audience continued to cheer with enthusiasm during songs from the new album Ghostlights, like “Lucifer” with Jorn Lande, and “Draconian Love” featuring Herbie Langhan. There was also the nostalgic songs from The Metal Opera albums such as, “Farewell”,”Reach Out for the Light” and “Avantasia”. Around 11 pm, Tobi said it was past curfew and they would get fined, but that they were gonna play the entire 3 and a half hour set anyway! And they ended the show with a fantastic encore, playing “Lost In Space” and “Sign of the Cross/The Seven Angels”. This was by far the best concert that I’ve ever seen and will certainly see again if they come back!


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Press stuff

Check our photo albums here: (coming soon)

AVANTASIA’s outstanding 7th album, »Ghostlights«, will be released worldwide on January 29th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast and Avalon Marquee (Asia). Today, Tobias proudly presents the cover and announces the tracklists as well as the various formats, in which the upcoming record will be available.

The opus features guest appearances of Dee Snider, Geoff Tate, Marco Hietala, Sharon Den Adel, Michael Kiske, Ronnie Atkins, Bob Catley, Jorn Lande, Bruce Kulick, Robert Mason, Herbie Langhans, Oliver Hartmann and Sascha Paeth.

Dee_Snider150Geoff+Tate_150marco_hietalasharondenadel150Michael Kiske am 14.08.2013 in Hamburg. Keine Personenrechte verfuegbar, nur fuer redaktionelle Verwendung ¬© SIGHT OF SOUND, T√∂nninger Weg 130a, 22609 HH, +49-040-469 66 439, Bankverbindung: Sight Of Sound, Deutsche Bank, BLZ:20070024, KNr.:5240106. Finanzamt HH-Am Tierpark, USt.IDNr.: DE 24 30 39 551; Veroeffentlichung nur entsprechend unseren AGB, gegen namentliche Nennung, Honorar incl. 7% UST. und Belegexemplar.ronnieatkinsprettymaids150bob-catley150jornlande133                      brucekulick150I just want to lick himHerbie Langhans133
The instrumentalists on »Ghostlights« are the following:

Sascha Paeth – rhythm guitars, lead guitars, bass, additional keys
Michael Rodenberg – orchestration, keys
Tobias Sammet – additional keys and bass
Bruce Kulick – lead guitars
Oliver Hartmann – lead guitars
Felix Bohnke – drums

tobiassaSascha Paeth150Oliver Hartmann150felixbohnke166x200

The record contains twelve songs and was produced by Tobias and Sascha Paeth in Gatestudio Wolfsburg, Germany. Paeth is responsible for engineering and mixing »Ghostlights«, too. Mastering was done by Michael Rodenberg.


01 – Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
Lead vocals: Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth

02 – Let The Storm Descend Upon You
Lead vocals: Tobias Sammet, Jorn Lande, Ronnie Atkins, Robert Mason
Lead guitar: Oliver Hartmann

03 – The Haunting
Lead vocals: Dee Snider, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth

04 – Seduction Of Decay
Lead vocals: Geoff Tate, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth

05 – Ghostlights
Lead vocals: Michael Kiske, Tobias Sammet, Jorn Lande
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth, Oliver Hartmann

06 – Draconian Love
Lead vocals: Herbie Langhans, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth

07 – Master Of The Pendulum
Lead vocals: Marco Hietala, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth

08 – Isle Of Evermore
Lead vocals: Sharon Den Adel, Tobias Sammet

09 – Babylon Vampyres
Lead vocals: Tobias Sammet, Robert Mason
Lead guitar: Bruce Kulick, Oliver Hartmann, Sascha Paeth

10 – Lucifer
Lead vocals: Jorn Lande, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Bruce Kulick

11 – Unchain The Light
Lead vocals: Tobias Sammet, Ronnie Atkins, Michael Kiske
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth, Oliver Hartmann

12 – A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies
Lead vocals: Bob Catley, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Bruce Kulick


CD 1
01 – Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
02 – Let The Storm Descend Upon You
03 – The Haunting
04 – Seduction Of Decay
05 – Ghostlights
06 – Draconian Love
07 – Master Of The Pendulum
08 – Isle Of Evermore
09 – Babylon Vampyres
10 – Lucifer
11 – Unchain The Light
12 – A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies
13 – Wake Up To The Moon (Bonus Track)

CD 2 (Bonus Disc – AVANTASIA live)
01 – Spectres
02 – Invoke The Machine
03 – The Story Ain’t Over
04 – Prelude
05 – Reach Out For The Light (feat. Michael Kiske)
06 – Avantasia (feat. Michael Kiske)
07 – Whats Left Of Me
08 – Dying For An Angel
09 – Twisted Mind
10 – The Watchmakers’ Dream
11 – Another Angel Down

ghostlights-digibook 250x250

(incl. 68page photobook ca. 28,5×28,5cm + CD 3 Karaoke Version of CD 1 without the bonus track)

01 – Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
02 – Let The Storm Descend Upon You
03 – The Haunting
04 – Seduction Of Decay
05 – Ghostlights
06 – Draconian Love
07 – Master Of The Pendulum
08 – Isle Of Evermore
09 – Babylon Vampyres
10 – Lucifer
11 – Unchain The Light
12 – A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies




Michael Kiske sings on: ‘Ghostlights’ (with Tobias Sammet and Jorn Lande) and ‘Unchain The Light’ (with Tobias Sammet and Ronnie Atkins)
In March an all-star ensemble will set off on the GHOSTLIGHTS WORLD TOUR.

thumb avantasia


On January 29th the new AVANTASIA album “GHOSTLIGHTS” will hit the stores


After JORN LANDE & GEOFF TATE a third very special guest can be announced: former HELLOWEEN & current UNISONIC vocalist MICHAEL KISKE.


Jorn LandeGeoff TateMichael Kiske


MICHAEL will not only appear on the album, he will also join AVANTASIA on the GHOSTLIGHTS WORLD TOUR 2016 (check upcoming-concerts for tourdates)



Tobias comments: “I have been friends with Micha for more than 15 years now. We recently joked when he asked me why he always gets to sing those high range Speed Metal anthems. My answer was quite simple: ‘Because I can hardly think of anyone who could possibly do that any better!’ The first time I heard Micha on one of my songs was 1999. I was blown away by what he did to stuff like ‘Reach Out For The Light’ or ‘The Seven Angels’. You can convince yourself when we kick off the world tour in March, Micha will join AVANTASIA once again to do the old classics, but also some of the new material which sounds really fantastic; as Avantasia-esque as it gets. I am really suprised we found another time frame to do this tour together, I don’t take it for granted as this may be the last tour in a long time. It’s so difficult to align all those schedules, you can’t imagine. We managed to find a time frame in spring 2016, and we wanna enjoy it to the fullest: I can promise you that we will play more than three hours every night! Old stuff, new stuff, everything! Be there! It may be your only chance to see this particular line up we’re putting together, for sure it will be the last Avantasia tour in quite some time at least.