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Exclusive Tobias Sammet (Avantasia) interview for Kiske Fanclub (February 2016)

avantasia_nuclearblast.bffa6cfeKiske Fanclub
: We know songs like ‘Reach out for the Light’ are real classics for Avantasia now, but is there a reason why new album songs like ‘Where clock hands freeze’ or ‘Dweller in a dream’ were not added to the last tour? 

Tobias Sammet: The setlist is always a combination of what feels right naturally and what we assume most people would want to listen to. You simply can’t leave out ‘Reach Out For The Light’ and ‘Avantasia’, and ‘Shelter From The Rain’ has been established as a live monster as well. But on this forth coming tour I can promise we’ll do new stuff with Michael singing on too.

Kiske Fanclub: You often told us that you love to write a kind of ‘Eagle fly Free’ song for Avantasia and especially for Michi Kiske’s voice. So which song you have written in this style for Michi is your favorite one?

Tobias Sammet: That’s a tough question, because I like them all. Every of the aforementioned and also the ones on the new album. Right now it’s probably ‘Ghostlights’, for sentimental reasons it’s got to be ‘Reach Out For The Light’, because that was the first time I heard Michi sing one of my songs. It may not be as well crafted if you look at the lyrics, but it was the first one with Michi and it has that primal naive energy, which I love! And all the great memories…


Kiske Fanclub: The Metal Opera celebrated its 15thbirthday, so imagine your first ideas and what is happening right now. Have you ever imagined in these ancient times that you would be releasing albums and touring several continents 15 years later?

Tobias Sammet: No way. I wanted to fulfill myself a dream, work with my idols, write an album with a lot of singers out of my private record collection and try to get Michael – the singer that influenced me most when I was young – to sing Metal again, the way I wanted to hear him, although he had done a lot of interesting stuff outside Metal. “Avantasia – The Metal Opera” was meant to be just those two albums, like “Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom Of The Opera” in a Metal version. Just with real songs with chorusses and verses. I didn’t plan more albums, I didn’t even mean to establish Avantasia as a bandname, it was the title of a musical, that wasn’t meant to be played on stage. In fact I knew that we could do whatever we wanted on the record, because it would never have to be reproduced live on stage… And I was completely wrong, haha!


Kiske Fanclub: Have you ever thought about playing ‘Judas at the opera’ with Avantasia or at the latest Edguy/Unisonic tour?

Tobias Sammet: No. We never thought about that, I don’t know why…


Scannen0005Kiske Fanclub
: Now switching to a very recent event for Avantasia, the Eurovision Song Contest: Do you have anything specific to prepare for it?

Tobias Sammet: We are so busy getting ready for the tour, I don’t really have much time and interest to prepare for that. And how should I? Rehearse singing? I am a Rock singer, if I have a bad day I have a bad day, I hate rehearsing to sing just so I sound like all these high gloss vocal teachers who wanna sound like Mariah Carey. My vocal lessons happen when I stand between Jorn and Michi in front of 3000 Mexican Metal heads that are so loud that we can’t hear or control our own voices anymore. Overall the tour is what counts. That’s where we’ll be in front of our fans, that’s what we’re known for. That’s what my focus is on. The whole ESC thing is a nice bonus, something funny, something to promote ourselves and wave the flag of Metal to an audience in an environment that usually ignores us. No more no less. So we’ll go there, sing, and then kick off a world tour.


Kiske Fanclub: If Avanatasia wins the pre-selection, who will play in the ESC event in Stockholm? Sascha, Miro, Andre, Felix? Maybe you think about adding other Avantasia musicians/singers as support? Maybe even adding an orchestra?

Tobias Sammet: Orchestra won’t work. You’re just allowed to have 6 people on stage. Amanda will play Piano for that show and Herbie will play bass, because he did all the backing vocals on the studio version, and as we’ll sing live I wanted him on bass for the TV thing. He usually is a bass player and mainly guitarist by the way.


Kiske Fanclub: I know you were asked several times about singers you would like to add to the Avantasia family. Besides a long life wish like Bruce Dickinson, do you have any other wishes for a new Avantasia album? Maybe someone new and not so well known until now?

Tobias Sammet: I’d love to have Steve Perry and Paul Stanley. Actually they’re not really new and not really unknown either, but I would love to work with them.


Kiske Fanclub: Did you ever consider changing the name of ‘Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia’ to maybe just only Avantasia or Tobias Sammet?

Tobias Sammet: No, it was established like that and I never thought about it after that. In the beginning I really thought about calling the band “Tobias Sammet” and the album “Avantasia – The Metal Opera” but I thought that it sounded like an ego thing, yet we wanted my name on the cover as we wanted to reach the fans I already had as the singer of Edguy. Also “Avantasia” was the name of the album, the ‘musical’ so to speak. After it was perceived like that and established as that, there was no reason to think about it anymore.


ghostlights-earbook250x250Kiske Fanclub
: With Ronnie Atkins and Jorn Lande you have 2 singers with a quite a similar style. Is it not difficult to find enough songs for both vocalists?

Tobias Sammet: They aren’t too similar I think. And we have a discography of around 85 songs to choose from, we’ll play 3 hours every night, I don’t think it will be difficult to find enough great songs for both.


Kiske Fanclub: Eric Martin didn’t sing in the last album, so what can we expect from him in the new tour?

Tobias Sammet: He will do what he did on the last tour plus a few surprised once Bob Catley leaves the tour. Eric is such a distinctive singer, I love to have him on board again.


Kiske Fanclub: Michi Kiske once said that he gave you his Playstation Fifa account to play but you never showed up. Did you find time for it until now? J

Tobias Sammet: Ha, did he say that. You know what? This whole wifi playstation thing made me nuts, first it blew our whole wifi setup at home, then Sony was hacked and all the credit card information apparently stolen. I hate that kind of shit. I rarely play, sometimes 20’minutes on my own, but I am not overly crazy about it. Michi is so good, on tour we played tennis against each others on a playstation, I had no chance… On the next tour we should play real tennis, on a playstation Michi is not a fun match partner, because I’ll lose without a chance.


Kiske Fanclub: Do you like Star Wars? If so, who is your favorite character and what did you think about the latest movie ‘The Force awakens’?

Tobias Sammet: To be honest, I don’t know it. I think I joined the other Edguys to a movie theater in Australia on tour once, and they wanted to see that one new Starwars movie about 8 or 10’years ago. I fell asleep. I can’t stand surround sounds and starships flying around me all the time and making noise and shooting at each others, and that talking Bigfoot and all these weird characters.


Kiske Fanclub: Have you ever thought about writing an album based on a real historic event or a novel/movie?

Tobias Sammet: No, not really. But Scarecrow was influenced by Goethe’s Faust. Not really a novel, but strongly inspired by something that had been written and published, if that counts.


Kiske Fanclub: Avantasia played festivals and concert hall shows. Now with ESC something special, but have you ever thought about playing at a special location like Metallica playing at the South Pole?

Tobias Sammet: Did they really do that? Wow, if you’re extremely really rich, life must be extremely boring… No, I am happy to play Arena in Ludwigsburg. I’d love to play the Madison Square Garden in New York, but why would I wanna play the South Pole? It’s cold and there are just penguins. I don’t get the point…


avantasiainoberKiske Fanclub: The new Avantasia tour including festivals will be the longest one. Did you have problems with the scheduling and especially the scheduling of all the guest musicians?

Tobias Sammet: It is always a problem, this is why Avantasia tours don’t happen too often, we never know if we’ll tour again and what the lineup will be then. Bob will just join us for the first European shows and then be on tour with Magnum. It’s always difficult, that’s why I’m so happy that most things work out this time, Michi and the others will join all shows.


Kiske Fanclub: What do you think about the progression or evolution of Unisonic? I mean from the 1st album to the second album. The same regarding live experiences, since you were on tour together.

Tobias Sammet: I haven’t seen them on their first tour, but on our tour they were great. Great songs, great playing, great singing, great guys.


Kiske Fanclub: That’s it from the Kiske Fanclub and thanks a lot for taking your time. :)

AVANTASIA’s outstanding 7th album, »Ghostlights«, will be released worldwide on January 29th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast and Avalon Marquee (Asia). Today, Tobias proudly presents the cover and announces the tracklists as well as the various formats, in which the upcoming record will be available.

The opus features guest appearances of Dee Snider, Geoff Tate, Marco Hietala, Sharon Den Adel, Michael Kiske, Ronnie Atkins, Bob Catley, Jorn Lande, Bruce Kulick, Robert Mason, Herbie Langhans, Oliver Hartmann and Sascha Paeth.

Dee_Snider150Geoff+Tate_150marco_hietalasharondenadel150Michael Kiske am 14.08.2013 in Hamburg. Keine Personenrechte verfuegbar, nur fuer redaktionelle Verwendung ¬© SIGHT OF SOUND, T√∂nninger Weg 130a, 22609 HH, +49-040-469 66 439, Bankverbindung: Sight Of Sound, Deutsche Bank, BLZ:20070024, KNr.:5240106. Finanzamt HH-Am Tierpark, USt.IDNr.: DE 24 30 39 551; Veroeffentlichung nur entsprechend unseren AGB, gegen namentliche Nennung, Honorar incl. 7% UST. und Belegexemplar.ronnieatkinsprettymaids150bob-catley150jornlande133                      brucekulick150I just want to lick himHerbie Langhans133
The instrumentalists on »Ghostlights« are the following:

Sascha Paeth – rhythm guitars, lead guitars, bass, additional keys
Michael Rodenberg – orchestration, keys
Tobias Sammet – additional keys and bass
Bruce Kulick – lead guitars
Oliver Hartmann – lead guitars
Felix Bohnke – drums

tobiassaSascha Paeth150Oliver Hartmann150felixbohnke166x200

The record contains twelve songs and was produced by Tobias and Sascha Paeth in Gatestudio Wolfsburg, Germany. Paeth is responsible for engineering and mixing »Ghostlights«, too. Mastering was done by Michael Rodenberg.


01 – Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
Lead vocals: Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth

02 – Let The Storm Descend Upon You
Lead vocals: Tobias Sammet, Jorn Lande, Ronnie Atkins, Robert Mason
Lead guitar: Oliver Hartmann

03 – The Haunting
Lead vocals: Dee Snider, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth

04 – Seduction Of Decay
Lead vocals: Geoff Tate, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth

05 – Ghostlights
Lead vocals: Michael Kiske, Tobias Sammet, Jorn Lande
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth, Oliver Hartmann

06 – Draconian Love
Lead vocals: Herbie Langhans, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth

07 – Master Of The Pendulum
Lead vocals: Marco Hietala, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth

08 – Isle Of Evermore
Lead vocals: Sharon Den Adel, Tobias Sammet

09 – Babylon Vampyres
Lead vocals: Tobias Sammet, Robert Mason
Lead guitar: Bruce Kulick, Oliver Hartmann, Sascha Paeth

10 – Lucifer
Lead vocals: Jorn Lande, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Bruce Kulick

11 – Unchain The Light
Lead vocals: Tobias Sammet, Ronnie Atkins, Michael Kiske
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth, Oliver Hartmann

12 – A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies
Lead vocals: Bob Catley, Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: Bruce Kulick


CD 1
01 – Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
02 – Let The Storm Descend Upon You
03 – The Haunting
04 – Seduction Of Decay
05 – Ghostlights
06 – Draconian Love
07 – Master Of The Pendulum
08 – Isle Of Evermore
09 – Babylon Vampyres
10 – Lucifer
11 – Unchain The Light
12 – A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies
13 – Wake Up To The Moon (Bonus Track)

CD 2 (Bonus Disc – AVANTASIA live)
01 – Spectres
02 – Invoke The Machine
03 – The Story Ain’t Over
04 – Prelude
05 – Reach Out For The Light (feat. Michael Kiske)
06 – Avantasia (feat. Michael Kiske)
07 – Whats Left Of Me
08 – Dying For An Angel
09 – Twisted Mind
10 – The Watchmakers’ Dream
11 – Another Angel Down

ghostlights-digibook 250x250

(incl. 68page photobook ca. 28,5×28,5cm + CD 3 Karaoke Version of CD 1 without the bonus track)

01 – Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
02 – Let The Storm Descend Upon You
03 – The Haunting
04 – Seduction Of Decay
05 – Ghostlights
06 – Draconian Love
07 – Master Of The Pendulum
08 – Isle Of Evermore
09 – Babylon Vampyres
10 – Lucifer
11 – Unchain The Light
12 – A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies




Michael Kiske sings on: ‘Ghostlights’ (with Tobias Sammet and Jorn Lande) and ‘Unchain The Light’ (with Tobias Sammet and Ronnie Atkins)
In March an all-star ensemble will set off on the GHOSTLIGHTS WORLD TOUR.

thumb avantasia


On January 29th the new AVANTASIA album “GHOSTLIGHTS” will hit the stores


After JORN LANDE & GEOFF TATE a third very special guest can be announced: former HELLOWEEN & current UNISONIC vocalist MICHAEL KISKE.


Jorn LandeGeoff TateMichael Kiske


MICHAEL will not only appear on the album, he will also join AVANTASIA on the GHOSTLIGHTS WORLD TOUR 2016 (check upcoming-concerts for tourdates)



Tobias comments: “I have been friends with Micha for more than 15 years now. We recently joked when he asked me why he always gets to sing those high range Speed Metal anthems. My answer was quite simple: ‘Because I can hardly think of anyone who could possibly do that any better!’ The first time I heard Micha on one of my songs was 1999. I was blown away by what he did to stuff like ‘Reach Out For The Light’ or ‘The Seven Angels’. You can convince yourself when we kick off the world tour in March, Micha will join AVANTASIA once again to do the old classics, but also some of the new material which sounds really fantastic; as Avantasia-esque as it gets. I am really suprised we found another time frame to do this tour together, I don’t take it for granted as this may be the last tour in a long time. It’s so difficult to align all those schedules, you can’t imagine. We managed to find a time frame in spring 2016, and we wanna enjoy it to the fullest: I can promise you that we will play more than three hours every night! Old stuff, new stuff, everything! Be there! It may be your only chance to see this particular line up we’re putting together, for sure it will be the last Avantasia tour in quite some time at least.


Frontiers Music Srl will release the new album from KISKE/SOMERVILLE, titled “City Of Heroes”, on April 17 in Europe and April 21 in North America

The video for the song “Walk On Water” can be seen below

The new album “City Of Heroes” will be released in CD, deluxe edition with a bonus DVD and two-LP vinyl gatefold sleeve

Kiske & Somerville - cityofheroes

The new videoclip for Kiske & Somerville ‘City of Heroes’ is now uploaded to the youtube channel of Frontiers Records, so enjoy it:

Kiske & Somerville - cityofheroes
Five years of waiting for KISKE / SOMERVILLE new masterpiece album “City of Heroes” to be released worldwide on April 17th in Europe and April 21st in North America

KISKE / SOMERVILLE is the musical collaboration between vocalists Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween, Unisonic, Place Vendome) and Amanda Somerville (Trillium, Avantasia) and this new recording is certainly going to be one of the highlights of the season in Rock music. Kiske’s soaring overtones seem to blend perfectly with the ethereal quality and diverse range of Amanda’s voice and this time the results are truly over the top.

The first KISKE / SOMERVILLE self-titled album instantly aroused enthusiasm in the rock and metal community. The two videos off the album –“If I Had a Wish” and “Silence” – amassed a total of approximately 3,000,000 plays to date, which means that these songs can legitimately be considered as nowadays Rock classics!

This brilliant new album sees Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) and Magnus Karlsson (Starbreaker, Primal Fear) handling most of the songwriting (with a song contribution “Breaking Neptune” from Sander Gommans formerly of After Forever and Amanda Somerville herself) and with Sinner overseeing the production in various recording studios in Europe. Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Primal Fear, Pretty Maids, Doro etc.) then took care of the mix of the album ensuring a sonic quality second to none

Considered a Metal Diva in the European symphonic metal scene, Amanda Somerville is an American singer-songwriter from Flint, Michigan whose catalogue of projects, guest appearances and live shows garnered to date is an impressive body of work. Since 1999, she has divided her time between the US and Europe, primarily Germany and the Netherlands. She co-wrote the metal opera “AINA”, and has also been a vocalist, songwriter, producer and / or vocal coach for many bands like AVANTASIA, EPICA and KAMELOT, giving her more credibility in metal circles than she ever bargained for. Some of her most recent endeavors include working with renowned artists Alice Cooper, Bonnie Tyler, Ian Gillan (DEEP PURPLE) and many others

Hamburg-born singer Michael Kiske is best known as the former lead vocalist for the German Metal Gods HELLOWEEN. After his departure from the band, Kiske recorded four solo albums, participated on various metal and rock related projects, such as PLACE VENDOME and he also performed with numerous bands as a guest vocalist. In late 2009, he formed the hard rock/heavy metal band UNISONIC, together with his former Helloween bandmate Kai Hansen and began touring again after 17 years


“City of Heroes” will be released in CD, Deluxe edition with a bonus DVD and 2Lp vinyl gatefold sleeve


An album trailer can be enjoyed following this link:



City of Heroes
Walk on Water
Rising Up; Salvation
Lights Out
Breaking Neptune
Ocean of Tears
Open Your Eyes
Last Goodbye
After The Night Is Over
Run With a Dream
Right Now

DVD includes: City of Heroes (video), Walk on Water (video), “Making of” documentary



Lead & Backing Vocals:
Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville
Guitars & Keyboards:
Magnus Karlsson
Bass & Backing Vocals:
Mat Sinner
Veronika Lukesova


Breaking Xmas News: for the first time in the history of Rock Meets Classic, we will play an Open Air show. This place is holy ground and of course the Wacken Open Air. It is a huge pleasure to announce that Michael Kiske (Ex-Helloween, Unisonic, Kiske/Somerville) will join the Mat Sinner Band & the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague for a crushing show of excitement & hits


Announcent from Wacken Open Air:

We like to present you a very special and unique rock project at W:O:A 2015. Legendary heavy metal singers are singing their biggest hits – supported by the Mat Sinner Band and the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague. One of the singers is none other than Dee Snider – the legendary Twisted Sister singer finally returns to Wacken! The other singer we can present right now is the peerless Michael Kiske – singer of Helloween, Place Vendome and Unisonic and guest musician at projects like Avantasia, Gamma Ray, Masterplan or Edguy!
Together with some special guests, the two singers and the other musicians will present a full load of heavy metal hits!
Merry Christmas!





Wolfpakk is a heavy/rock all star project managed by Mark Sweeney (ex-Crystal Ball) and Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanova). They continue their musical journey on February 27th when WOLFPAKK’s third album “Rise Of The Animal” will be released. For the follower to „Wolfpakk“ (2011) and „Cry Wolf“ (2013) again many high-class musicians contributed to make this a very special album once again.

Guest vocalists and musicians are a.o.:


Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween, Unisonic, Place Vendome, Kiske/Somerville)
Marc Storace (Krokus)
Don Dokken (Dokken)
Andi Deris (ex- Pink Cream 69, Helloween)
Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow)
Rick Altzi (Masterplan)


Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio)
John Norum (Europe)
Axel Rudi Pell


Al Barrow (Magnum)
Bob Daisley (ex-Black Sabbath)


Chris Slade (ex-AC/DC)
Simon Philips (ex-Toto)





01. Riders Of The Storm
02. Sock It To Me
03. Monkey On Your Back
04. Highlands
05. Black Wolf
06. Somewhere Beyond
07. Running Out Of Time
08. Grizzly Man
09. High Roller
10. Rise Of The Animal
11. Universe


Here is the statement about Michael Kiske collaboration (taken from their FaceBook page):
Smashing Sunday News: Mighty MICHAEL KISKE will sing a part with honor in the title track “Rise Of The Animal” from the upcoming Wolfpakk Album! Yesss! We are more than proud to have one of the best Hardrock/Metal singer in our PAKK!!!


A few days after the warm-up show, Avantasia played at the 25th anniversary edition of Wacken 2014 (sold out) as headliner

10590434_10152614866000070_8904912682821053146_nTobias said to the warm up show and Wacken the following: “I am so looking forward to meet my AVANTASIA buddies again, finally -after one year- to finish the ‘Mystery World Tour‘ with a huge bang at the most prestigious Metal festival on earth. And because we want to prove to ourselves that we haven‘t rusted since last year‘s final show we‘ve decided to play a little warm-show in a nice and cozy atmosphere. Fans who couldn‘t get a Wacken ticket, or people who‘re on their way to Wacken, even those who’ll be already at the festival site: They can all check out AVANTASIA in a completely different environment there. We‘re so looking forward to it, because the only thing better than an AVANTASIA show, well, that‘s TWO AVANTASIA SHOWS! Ha! See ya all there!“




Here is the setlist:

01. Instrumental Intro
02. Spectres
03. Invoke the Machine
04. Scarecrow
05. The story ain’t over
06. Reach out for the Light
07. Avantasia
08. What’s left of me
09. Dying for an Angel
10. Farewell
11. Shelter from the Rain
12. The great mystery
13. Twisted Mind
14. Promised Land
15. Lost in Space
16. Sign of the Angels




“I was at Wacken festival since Thursday 31. August and the weather was quite hot and sunny, so a lot of dust there. Apart from Avantasia, Starchild (the band of Kiske friend Sandro Giampietro), Masterplan (band of old Kiske companion Roland Grapow) and Neopera (band of Gamma Ray member Dirk Schlächter) played there as well.

After Amon Amarth finished, I managed to get in a quite good position for Avantasia at around 4th row. They started at 22:00 with the concert and the same setlist than at the warm-up show. Sadly Tobias voice problems were worse than before and he could not hit any high notes here. He was not the only one with a few voice problems here. Michael Kiske and Eric Martin did the best vocal performances at this concert. The sound was not very good and the sound engineer seemed to have problems with a good vocal mix, the picrofones were not working sometimes or were too low in the sound. This was even noticeable in the TV recording. Nevertheless I had a quite good position for Kiske’s voice and he did a much better performance than at Wacken 2011. regarding the audiences, there could have been a little more enthusiasm at some songs. Crowdsurfer mainyl only arrived during the fast Kiske tracks. Tobias joked a little with the waiting Kreator fans on the other stage and all in all it was a good performance with too few songs for Michael Kiske. Amanda Somerville was also back for this concert and they played a set of 2 hours. ” :)



Full professional TV recording in HD:



Here is our photo album, click here:


Avantasia decided to play wo days prior to the beginning of the 25th edition of Wacken Open Air AVANTASIA a special “Family & Friends Show“ at Eiderland-Halle, Pahlen. Never before there has been such a warm-up show: AVANTASIA are gonna play a little club show in Pahlen near Wacken four days prior to their gig at the giant festival. The warm-up party started at 8.30PM.

10553961_10152604707890070_1842325220984969733_oTobias said to this: “I am so looking forward to meet my AVANTASIA buddies again, finally -after one year- to finish the ‘Mystery World Tour‘ with a huge bang at the most prestigious Metal festival on earth. And because we want to prove to ourselves that we haven‘t rusted since last year‘s final show we‘ve decided to play a little warm-show in a nice and cozy atmosphere. Fans who couldn‘t get a Wacken ticket, or people who‘re on their way to Wacken, even those who’ll be already at the festival site: They can all check out AVANTASIA in a completely different environment there. We‘re so looking forward to it, because the only thing better than an AVANTASIA show, well, that‘s TWO AVANTASIA SHOWS! Ha! See ya all there!“




Here is the setlist:

01. Instrumental Intro
02. Spectres
03. Invoke the Machine
04. Scarecrow
05. The story ain’t over
06. Reach out for the Light
07. Avantasia
08. What’s left of me
09. Dying for an Angel
10. Farewell
11. Shelter from the Rain
12. The great mystery
13. Twisted Mind
14. Promised Land
15. Lost in Space
16. Sign of the Angels




“Ramona and me arrived at the location around 19:30 and when we stood in front of the concert hall, it looked like a small concert hall, but after entering we found out, it was bigger than expected. It was very hot in the venue, but not completely filled. I guess it were aroud 500 people, while the venue can handle around 2000 people. I guess people thoight they already play at Wacken and for other interested people it was too far away.

Nevertheless the concert started around 20:30 with the known ‘Spectres’ and was followed by a nice performance, but you could see they were not on stage together for a long time. A few mistakes with starting to sing etc. Also Tobias seemed to have vocal problems, especially during the very high parts. I guess he had a flu, since the same happened a few days later in Wacken. Michael Kiske dod a very good performance, despite that it was too short. A little curiosity was the performance of ‘Farewell’, since Amanda Somerville was not available for this warm-up show, so Tobias also sang the female part, for the enjoyment of the audience. They played a set of 2 hours. ” :)



‘Reach out for the Light’:



Here is our photo album, click here: