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Line up (1987-1988)

Vocals: Michael Kiske

Guitars: Kai Hansen, Michael Weikath

Bass: Markus Grosskopf

Drums: Ingo Schwichtenberg



With Helloween, he recorded the album “Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I” which was released in 1987. They wanted it to be a double CD but Noise Records refused. Michael wrote one song for this album called “A Little Time“. This LP also have more classic songs like: “Future World“, “I’m Alive” and “Halloween“.

After a successful tour in 1987, they released the second part of “Keeper Of The Seven Keys“, one of the best Metal albums in history. It was the first album to be labeled Power Metal or German Metal. With this album, they had their biggest success which enabled them to play in the biggest festival of the time Monsters Of Rock. There they played alongside bands like Iron Maiden, Kiss, Megadeth, Skid Row. Michael wrote two songs for this album “You Always Walk Alone” & “We Got The Right” and two songs for singles called “Savage” & “Don’t Run For Cover“. Another classic songs to emphasize are: “I Want Out“, “Eagle Fly Free” and “Dr. Stein“.

During their first headling tour in 1988, which was dubbed the “Pumpkins Fly Free tour“, the Scotland show was recorded for a live album. It was released under three different titles: “Live In UK” (Europe), “Keepers Live” (Japan), and “I Want Out Live” (USA). All had the same tracklist with the exception of the US release which didn’t have the song “Rise And Fall“.

At the end of this tour, guitarist Kai Hansen decided to leave the band because he disliked long tours. Rampage guitarist Roland Grapow was asked to join the band to replace him.


Line up (1988-1993)

Vocals: Michael Kiske

Guitars: Roland Grapow, Michael Weikath

Bass: Markus Grosskopf

Drums: Ingo Schwichtenberg



Three years passed without a new studio album from Helloween. Rumors saying that Michael Kiske had left the band began to grow. The band spoke about this in an interview bonus track from the “Kids Of The Century” single.

The album “Pink Bubbles Go Ape” was released in 1991 through a record deal with EMI. On this album Michael wrote or co-wrote 8 of the 11 songs. These songs are: “Pink Bubbles Go Ape“, “Kids Of The Century“, “Back On The Streets” (with Grapow), “Heavy Metal Hamsters” (with Weikath), “Goin’ Home” & “Mankind” (with Grapow), “I’m Doin’ Fine, Crazy Man” (with Markus) and finally the great ballad “Your Turn“.

In 1993 they released “Chameleon” which was the last Helloween album with Michael Kiske as the singer. The album was basically like a solo album for the three main songwriters (Weikath/Kiske/Grapow). Although the album sold one million copies, the change in musical direction angered a lot of the die-hard Helloween fans. Michael wrote the following songs: “When The Sinner“, “In The Night“, “I Believe“, and “Longing“. During the Chameleon tour Ingo broke down and was asked to leave. Right before they entered the studio to record the next album, Michael was fired from the group.