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This was the first appearance of Michael Kiske after his departure from Helloween in 1993. The time following him being fired from his main band, he spend a few years in trying to deal with what had happened. In these years, he met Kai Hansen, his former band mate from Helloween in the years 1987-1988 and now band leader of his new band Gamma Ray. They talked about the past and problems that both suffered in their former band Helloween. From this time on, they had a loose contact. Gamma Ray also had some member changes at that time and their singer Ralf Scheeper had to leave the band. So Kai Hansen asked Michael Kiske to do some guest vocals for Gamma Ray on their new album ‘Land of the Free’. Later Kai Hansen returned this favor and participated in Michael Kiske’s first solo record in 1996.

Michael Kiske sings on “Time To Break Free” and the high chorus on “Land Of The Free“.

Another guest was Hansi Kürsch (additional lead vocals on “Farewell”, backing vocals on “Land of the free” and “Abyss of the void”) and Sasha Paeth playing the keyboards.

In 2010, Michael Kiske did another cooperation with Kai Hansen and Gamma Ray with guest vocals for the chorus of the song “All You Need To Know”, featured on Gamma Ray’s To The Metal album. Kai Hansen was not so happy with the chorus, so he invited Michael Kiske to sing the chorus instead.

In 2011, Gamma Ray filmed two whole shows, one at Zeche, Bochum, Germany on April, 28th and at Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland on April, 29th. In 2012 followed the release of these recording with the 2CD’s which contains the Pratteln show and the DVD and Blu-Ray also contains the bonus tracks: “The Spirit“, “Wings Of Destiny“, “Farewell“, “Gamma Ray“, “Time To Break Free” and “Insurrection” which were recorded the previous day at the Zeche in Bochum and also a video track with rare footage and another with interviews.

Michael Kiske was guest on this two shows and he sang ‘Time To Break Free‘, ‘Future World‘ and ‘A While In Dreamland‘ (duet with Kai Hansen).

In 2013, an new EP of Gamma Ray will be released, featuring two new studio tracks: ‘Master Of Confusion‘ and ‘Empire Of The Undead‘, two cover versions:  ‘Death Or Glory‘ (Holocaust) and ‘Lost Angels‘ (Sweet) and six live songs recorded in Bochum show which were edited in Skeletons & Majesties Live DVD and Blueray edition (not in the CD edition): ‘The Spirit’, ‘Wings Of Destiny‘, ‘Gamma Ray‘, ‘Farewell‘, ‘Time To Break Free‘ and ‘Insurrection‘.