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22 Dec 2018 Helloween Hamburg, DEU Sporthalle Hamburg Sporthalle Hamburg Buy ticket

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Helloween kicked off their Pumpkins United Tour in North America on Sept. 7, 2018 at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV. I was able to fly out from Oklahoma to Las Vegas to see them, and I arrived on Thursday afternoon, the day before the show and stayed at Excalibur Hotel just down the block. I was joined by Chris, another fanclub member from North Carolina. After grabbing a bite to eat in Excalibur, we made our way to Mandalay Bay to check out the House of Blues venue and restaurant inside the hotel. As we walked around the venue and then toward the Casino area, Chris noticed Kai walking fast toward the exit and he was able to catch up to greet him and shake his hand. I had previously injured my ankle so I could not catch up and went to sit at a table on the edge of the main isle where I could watch people walk by. Chris came back and sat down, and after we ordered beers, he saw Andi walk by and ran to catch him for a handshake as well. And then, a miracle happened. As I was sitting alone, I just happened to look up and see Michael coming directly toward me. I called to him and waved and he recognized me and he stopped to give me a hug. As we were talking, Chris came back and the three of us just sat and talked for about an hour, discussing Michael’s favorite subjects- politics and spirituality.

On the evening of the show, we met a few other fans, for dinner at the House of Blues, where we saw Markus and Weikath both in the restaurant. We previously bought Pass the Line coupons to redeem in the restaurant for VIP entrance into the HOB music hall, and we managed to be the first in line and had front row access. The venue had a rustic Southern environment and the stage was not as big as the band is use to. However, The Pumpkins were fresh and energized as they gave a phenomenal performance for the first show of their North American tour. Set List, Photos and Video follows below…

Dr. Stein
I’m Alive
If I Could Fly
Are You Metal?
Rise and Fall
Waiting for the Thunder
Perfect Gentleman
Starlight / Ride the Sky / Judas
Heavy Metal (Is the Law)
A Tale That Wasn’t Right
I Can
Drum Solo
Pumpkins United
Livin’ Ain’t No Crime
A Little Time
Sole Survivor
How Many Tears
Eagle Fly Free
Keeper of the Seven Keys

Guitar Solo
Future World
I Want Out





Video by Stephanie Thompson:

A Tale That Wasn’t Right


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