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Avantasia – Fulda, Germany 18.12.2010

This was my second concert of Avantasia with Michael Kiske and this time it was nearer to the place where I live about 100 km to Fulda. But this time the winter came back with full force and lots of snow and glazed frost did happen. I decided to take another hotel for a night bearby the concert hall because of these weather conditions and that was a good decision. Avantasia almost couldn’t make it back in time from South America due to this heavy winter too and many flights were cancelled. Luckily they could manage it in time. I also arrived at my hotel in Fulda quite in time and had some time to explore Fulda a little bit. I started towards the concert hall around 6 pm and it started snowing again. I drove with my car and it was quite difficult to get a parking place because of the weather conditions, but I could manage after some time.



The concert hall was already very crowded and the coordination of the persons in charge was very bad. They seemed to be overextended by these many people that I cannot understand since they knew about the sold out concert. It took almost 40 minutes to give off my jacket and some other stuff at the wardrobe, since they only opened one of 3 available. After this one was full, they opened the next one. Fantastic organization!!! I could just organize some drinking and then the Avantasia already started playing. This time I didn’t get such a good place and was quite at the most right side with a limited view on some parts of the stage.




Of course Tobi started to enter the stage like will-o’-the-wisp and started with “Twisted Mind”. You can see from this very early moment on, Tobi and most of the other crew members had just recovered very well from the flu which affected those 2 weeks ago. Another highlight was again “The Scarecrow” with the first appearance of Jörn Lande and he screamed everyone down like he always does. But sometime a little bit less screaming would have a better result. Ok, that’s just my honest opinion, but nevertheless he is good. “Serpents in Paradise” and “The Story Ain’t over” with Bob Catley followed and his appearance was like aways something special with his never resting arm.



Then the first notes of “Reach out for the Light” followed and Michi Kiske entered the stage. Sadly I couldn’t see him from the beginning due to my bad place. His flu was gone too and his voice was better than on the Kaufbeuren gig. He was dressed again with his red leather jacket and his cap which seems to be like a trade mark for him. Another fantastic vocal duel followed with this song and and I do like the chorus very much, but sometimes would have preferred it with only Michis voice like in the album. But of course the album version has doubled voices so that’s not possible live. When I remember correctly Tobi sang a little bit lower than Michi. The following “The Tower” is my all-time favorite Avantasia and like Kai Hansen once said the real “Keeper” follow-up. “Death is just a Feeling” was the first appearance of Kai at that night and it was once again a very extraordinary performance which was welcomed by the audience.



Michi appeared again for “Dying for an Angel” and I prefer once again his version over the version sung by Klaus Meine. This song was not among my favorite on the album, but the live version kicks serious ass. “Stargazer” followed and once again Tobi took a rest during this song. Oliver did his vocal parts and his performance was better than in Kaufbeuren, indeed he did a very good job. Michi was of course brilliant as always and at the beginning of this song he went down to his knees when Jörn Lande started his screaming attack. Very funny indeed. In “Farewell” we could hear and see a little bit more from “poor” Amanda who had to sing background the whole night. I would have preferred again if Michi had sung the high part at the end of this song, but it didn’t happen.



After another nice performance of Kai in the song “The Toy Master” which was originally sung by Alice Cooper followed. Then we had another magic moment when Kai and Michi were on the same stage again and unlike the performance in Kaufbeuren Kai didn’t have problems with his guitar. It was a fantastic performance with the audience and musicians celebrating together. Of course I missed a little bit the funny conversation between Michi, Tobi and Kai, but they obviously enjoyed the whole evening very much. I cannot exactly remember during which song it was, but Michi did a kind of déjà vu experience on me, when he left the stage and he shook the hands in the first rows. The same happened in the famous Helloween gig in cologne which was recorded for German TV. He seemed to be much more relaxed than during the very first shows.



After the song “Avanatsia” there was already the last song of this event “Sign of the Cross/Seven Angels” and again with a very long introduction and celebration of all musicians. Again everybody showed once again that Avantasia is a very special experience, but sadly no one knows, if this line-up will enter a stage for another tour again. Of course we have one more show at Wacken 2011, but sadly none of these shows are recorded for a future DVD release, which is a shame in my opinion.





Nevertheless I drove back after the concert to my hotel room and was quite happy that I decided to use a hotel instead of driving back home. There was so much snow and it was very cold. The next day I needed around 20 minutes to free my car from all this snow. Luckily the streets were already freed of the fresh snowfall.








01. Twisted Mind (Tobi)
02. The Scarecrow (Tobi/Jorn)
03. Promised Land (Tobi/Jorn)
04. Serpents in Paradise (Tobi/Jorn)
05. The Story Ain’t Over (Tobi/Bob)
06. Reach Out For the Light (Tobi/Michi)
07. The Tower (Tobi/Michi)
08. Death is Just a Feeling (Tobi/Kai)
09. Lost in Space (Tobi/Amanda)
10. The Quest For (Tobi/Bob)
11. Runaway Train (Tobi/Bob/Jorn)
12. Dying For an Angel (Tobi/Michi)
13. Stargazers (Michi/Jorn/Oliver)
14. Farewell (Tobi/Amanda)
15. The Wicked Symphony (Tobi/Jorn/Oliver)
16. The Toy Master (Tobi/Kai)
17. Shelter From the Rain (Tobi/Michi, Kai on Guitar)
18. Avantasia (Tobi/Michi, Kai on guitar)
19. Sign of the Cross/The Seven Angels medley (everyone)


Here are some videos:

1.Reach out for the Light