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Avantasia – Wacken Open Air, Germany 06.08.2011


To keep the less important facts short, Wacken was a really nice metal party and a great experience. Of course I was mainly there for Avantasia, but several other bands were very good too. Especially Judas Priest and it was one of the best metal concerts I have ever seen and experienced. I guess they will do a DVD from this performance and I’m looking forward to this. About another performance (if you can call it a performance), I don’t wanna talk anymore. The live show of Helloween was the worst concert I have ever seen and several bands with growls and harsh vocals are miles better than this crap. If you want to see someone drunk (Deris said this) on stage with no voice at all and an arrogant behavior, than this band is for you.




Now let’s talk about the great moments, the Avantasia concert. After the Iced Earth concert I reserved a place in first/second row with someone I meet at the festival. She is also a Kiske fan, you know sometimes coincidences happen. So we waited there for about 1,5 hours and it rained a little bit. We couldn’t see the preparation of the stage, because they had a canvas cover as protection. At the 8 pm the first notes of Twisted Mind could be heard and everyone got wild.





Because of the limited time, they had to leave out some songs of their regular tour and also had to reduce all announcements to the minimum. In the End this was not wise decision if you compare this to the singalong crap that Helloween did to fill time. After a nice Bob Catley appearance finally the sound got more silence and you could hear everywhere “Kiske, Kiske, Kiske” and he appeared for “Reach out for the Light” and it was magic again.




After the guitar solo, Tobi said some words about Michi: Tobi: Friends of the night, this guy is responsible that me and thousands of other singers started to sing, one more time “Michael Kiske”.
Michi: (Directed to Tobi): Don’t talk, sing!

After this song, the “Dying for an Angel” was played and this live version is still better than the version with Klaus Meine on CD, sorry to say that. Than Kai Hansen did a nice appearance for “Death is just a Feeling”.





“Farewell” was the only main appearance of Amanda Somerville who did a great job for the backing vocals the whole evening. The song “Wicked Symphony” is not that much a favorite of me, but was nice done. Then we got the magic duo once again Michi Kiske and Kai Hansen on guitar for “Shelter from the Rain” and unless in Kaufbeuren no one messed with the lyrics. It was a great song and best example of an melodic metal masterpiece. Then another song was introduced by Tobi with the words “how everything started”, it was the title track “Avantasia”.






The final song of this evening was “Sign of the Cross/Seven Angels” with all singers and Michi did one of the last final high notes here. It was a great concert, but too short and they should have had a 2 hours set like Priest with all these great guest musicians. I really hope they will do another CD (of course with Kiske) and another tour.






Tracklist of this show:

Twisted Mind
The Scarecrow
Promised Land
Story Ain’t Over
Reach Out For The Light (with Kiske)
Dying For An Angel (with Kiske)
Death Is Just A Feeling
Lost In Space
Wicked Symphony
Shelter from the Rain (with Kiske)
Avantasia (with Kiske)
Sign of the Cross/Seven Angels (with Kiske)


Here you can find more pictures that I took that evening:

Picture Gallery Avantasia Wacken 2011


ZDF:Kultur Boradcast (half of the show in professional quality):

Reach out for the Light (with Michael Kiske):

Dying for an Angel (with Michael Kiske):

Avantasia (with Michael Kiske) (NDR Stream):

Shelter from the Rain (with Michael Kiske) (my audience shot):

Avantasia (with Michael Kiske) (my audience shot):

Sign of the Cross/Seven Angels (with Michael Kiske) (my audience shot):

Reach out for the Light (Clip) (with Michael Kiske) (my audience shot):

Dying for an Angel (Clip) (with Michael Kiske) (my audience shot):