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Avantasia – Kaufbeuren, Germany 04.12.2010


Since I first heard about the Avantasia tour in 2010 and a possible participation Michael Kiske I knew that I must be there. In 2008 Michael didn’t join the Avantasia line-up, but in 2010 it was the right time and the right place. So I ordered my ticket very early and booked a hotel for one night in Oberostendorf, a few kilometers away from Kaufbeuren. I started my trip on the 4. December in the morning at 10 am and it was a heavy winter at that time, but luckily the streets and highways were free of snow and ice. I made about 2 stops during my 450 km distance and didn’t face any serious traffic jam. I arrived at the hotel in Oberostendorf around 5 pm and it was already very cold outside.



After hotel check in and some resting, I started to the concert hall in Kaufbeuren about 1 ½ hours later and arrived there at 7 pm. There were a lot of guardians who did help in finding a parking place which I appreciated a lot. Then I entered the concert hall and spend some time in giving of my jacket and some other stuff to the wardrobe.Luckily there was no support band that I didn’t and which often is quite boring. Avantasia started playing at around 8:15 pm and the audience was enthusiastic from the beginning on. I got a place quite in the front rows and could catch the band very good.





Tobias was the bundle of energy like he used to be and he running around the stage and making jokes all the time. One of the highlights was directly at the beginning of the show, “The Scarecrow” with the duet of Tobi and Jörn. For the song “The story Ain’t over” Bob Catley entered the stage in his very special presence and it was fun watching him.


Then the first notes of “Reach out for the Light” were played and the audience went wild and Michael Kiske entered the stage and an outstanding vocal duel between Tobi and Michi started. It continued with “The Tower” where Michi sang some parts of the song that Tobi sang on the album and it was the best performance of that evening. Michi said something about a flu that he had caught but that night nothing was noticeable from his voice. It should be more noticeable the following concerts.



After this song Kai Hansen had his first appearance and he was dressed like a musical star. Kai did a great performance as always. After another ballad with Bob Catley it followed a very good interpretation of “Runaway Train” bud sadly the low singing part of Michi was not part of this performance. Michi entered the stage again for the song “Dying for an Angel” which was originally sung by Klaus Meine, but I liked Michis verson better. The song “Stargazer” followed and this was the first song where Tobi took some resting and his parts where sung by Oliver Hartmann, who had a few problems in the beginning with the vocal parts. Michi also sang in this song and it was another highlight of an evening full of highlights.




“Farewell” followed with the first bigger vocal part of Amanda who did of course a very good backing vocal performance the whole concert. The high singing part of Michi was not included and Tobi did it instead. Two more songs followed “The Wicked Symphony” and “The Toy Master” with another extraordinary performance of Kai. It was followed by a very special moment which several fans have been waiting for almost 22 years. Michi Kiske and Kai Hanson on guitar did their first performance together on stage and the magic was back from the first moment on. The first song of the magic duo was “Shelter from the Rain” which had some small problems of Mich who forgot the lyrics of a small part, but got into it again very fast. Another technical problem happened with Kais guitar which refused working on the great solo. Tobi just sang the solo.



After this song there was a very funny conversation between Michi, Tobi and Kai and you can see this in the video:

For all non German speakers, I have done a small translation:

Michi: “Kai, what has just happened?”
Kai: “There was something not ok with my guitar.”
Michi: “There was something in your guitar? I must terrible piddle.”
Tobi: “The toilet is on the other side, behind the audience. But we can throw you up to the audience and you can do some stagediving to reach the other side.”
Michi: “No, that`s too dangerous. I’m too old for that.”
Tobi: “If we do so” (kind of mask him with Kai’s jacket), no one recognizes you.”
Michi: “No, No.”
Tobi: “Come on do it inside of your cap. Cap, Cap, Cap (audience repeating it).
Michi: “It’s cold onstage.” (Then Michi is singing “Treat Me Like A Fool” of Elvis).
Tobi: “But you can wait some more minutes?”
Michi: “But don’t make it too long.”
Tobi: “No, no. Michi you can soon go piddle. I will make it very short. I will do just a very short announcement. When I started once ago…”
Tobi: “To be sincere it is something very special to listen to Michi Kiske singing onstage after such a long time… But when can now persuade him too piddle onstage, then I will get a monument from you.”
Michi: “No, no, no…”
Tobi: “Kiske, Kiske ” (audience repeating it).
Michi: “After 17 years of being angry, you make it very easy for me, being back on stage.”
Tobi: “To be sincere I have started listening to rock music and music at all and then I once heard this guy singing. Then I was blown away and wanted to become a singer. And it’s unbelievable what this guy” (Michi turning around)”… no you… have achieved in life. It is just “the voice”!!!”
Michi: “He is just too decent. Without you writing all these songs, I would have nothing to sing tonight. These are nice songs, nice songs to sing..” (repeating it).
Tobi: “But it would not be nice, if the songs are nice and the singer is not good… The singer would not be nice. We are all very nice too each other now. But once ago the first Avantasia record you can remember, The only thing I thought is to get this guy for the record.”
Michi: “You just imprudently called me. Really imprudently.”
Tobi: “What dou you mean with impudently? With the Telekom, all three weeks…”
Michi: “My phone number is not registered.”
Tobi: “Yeah I have your number…”
Michi: “And he didn’t give in. First I told you no.”
Tobi: “Then I talked and talked…
Michi: “That’s something you are very good at (audience agreeing).
Tobi: And after some time, I got him into it and he sung on that record and now you will hear the title track (then Avantasia follows).


The next song “Avantasia” followed this conversation with another appearance of Michi and Kai. It was a good performance too and the final track “Sign of the Cross/Seven Angels” started with a long introduction of all musicians and singers in a way only Tobi can do. After the introduction the song was performed by all guest musicians who showed the very last time on this evening how much they enjoyed being on stage and interaction with the audience.







01. Twisted Mind (Tobi)
02. The Scarecrow (Tobi/Jorn)
03. Promised Land (Tobi/Jorn)
04. Serpents in Paradise (Tobi/Jorn)
05. The Story Ain’t Over (Tobi/Bob)
06. Reach Out For the Light (Tobi/Michi)
07. The Tower (Tobi/Michi)
08. Death is Just a Feeling (Tobi/Kai)
09. Lost in Space (Tobi/Amanda)
10. The Quest For (Tobi/Bob)
11. Runaway Train (Tobi/Bob/Jorn)
12. Dying For an Angel (Tobi/Michi)
13. Stargazers (Michi/Jorn/Oliver)
14. Farewell (Tobi/Amanda)
15. The Wicked Symphony (Tobi/Jorn/Oliver)
16. The Toy Master (Tobi/Kai)
17. Shelter From the Rain (Tobi/Michi, Kai on Guitar)
18. Avantasia (Tobi/Michi, Kai on guitar)
19. Sign of the Cross/The Seven Angels medley (everyone)


Here are some more videos of this Event:

1. Reach out for the Light

2. The Tower

3. Dying for an Angel

4. Stargazer

5. Shelter from the Rain

6. Avantasia

7. Sign of the Cross/Seven Angels

8. Good Bye