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Gamma Ray – Bochum, Germany 28.04.2011

I already had the ticked to this show for some weeks without know about Kiske’s guest appearance. Thanks to Nik from Heavy Metal Universe and his latest interview, I got this information 2 days before the show. So I was more excited than before and started my trip on the 28.04.2011 at around 3 pm. The distance was about 250 km, but luckily without any traffic jam and I arrived at the concert hall at 6:30 pm.

When I entered the concert hall there were only about 50 visitors and I already had some fear about a good atmosphere. When I remember correctly the support band Mob Rules started quite in time some minutes after 7 pm and played for about 40 or 45 minutes. They had some quite nice stuff, but I was not so familiar with their records. The mood of the audience got better during their gig and more and more people arrived at the concert hall. So my fear for an uncrowded concert were unjustified.

After some break Gamma Ray started around 8:30 or 8:45 with their show and the audience welcomed them very well. It was a great gig with many rarely live played songs and some of my highlights were Empathy, Wings of Destiny and Money. Sadly there was a guy behind me who obviously had drunk too much and did some loud growling, but luckily only in between the songs.

Then someone very special entered the stage and I guess not many other did know about his guest appearance in advance. I heard some callings “Look that’s Kiske” and “Oh great”. Then Michael Kiske entered the stage and sang the first song with Gamma Ray “Time to break Free” from the album “Land of the Free” and the audience was really enthusiastic about the performance. Michael had to use a paper for the lyrics since this guest performance was a short term decision.

The acoustic part of the concert was great too, but Gamma Ray and especially Henjo had to deal with some technical problems and his acoustic guitar stopped working. He needed to change to his electrical guitar for the rest of the song.


Michael Kiske did return for another guest performance and this time he did a very nice duet with Kai Hansen “A while in Dreamland”. This song has some great Elvis like singing of Kiske with lower vocals and was celebrated by the audience again. As an add-on Kiske returned at the end of the show for one more song. Can you imagine which one that was? Yeah finally after so many years he sang “Future World” again like it was meant to be.

He did sing this song without lyrics paper, but had a small mistake in the second verse. I think this song was the most celebrated at that night with a nice sing-along part in the middle like in good old times. I enjoyed the whole concert very much and drove back home 250 km with a lot of good memories.



01. Welcome
02. Empathy
03. Men, Martians and Machines
04. The Spirit
05. Wings of Destiny
06. Gamma Ray
07. Time to Break Free
08. Money
09.Rebellion in Dreamland
10. Send me a sign
11. Indution
12. Dethrone tyranny
13. Watcher in the sky
14. A while in dreamland
15. Brothers
16. To the Metal
17. Future world


Here are some videos of this event:

1. Wings of Destiny

2. Time to Break free (with Michael Kiske)

3. Money

4. Send me a Sign

5. Dethrone Tyranny

6. A while in Dreamland (with Michael Kiske)

7. Future World (with Michael Kiske)