Starchild on tour with Unisonic and Edguy



Starchild, the new band of Sandro Giampietro is opening for Edguy and Unisonic during the upcoming European tour in Germany and Italy. Don’t forget Michael Kiske and comedian Helge Schneider were guest on Starchild’s debut album. So Michael Kiske and Sandro Giampietro together on tour, what a perfect package ‘Black&White Forever’.




The tour dates are:

27.09.14 – Germany, Bremen, Aladin  (w. Unisonic/Edguy)
28.09.14 – Germany, Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle  (w. Unisonic/Edguy)
30.09.14 – Germany, Munich, Backstage  (w. Unisonic/Edguy)
02.10.14 – Germany, Bamberg, brose Arena  (w. Unisonic/Edguy)
03.10.14 – Germany, Filderstadt, Filharmonie  (w. Unisonic/Edguy)
04.10.14 – Germany, Kaufbeuren, All Kart Halle   (w. Unisonic/Edguy)
06.10.14 – Italy, Rome, Orion   (w. Unisonic/Edguy)
07.10.14 – Italy, Milan, Live Club   (w. Unisonic/Edguy)
09.10.14 – Germany, Saarbruecken, Garage   (w. Unisonic/Edguy)
10.10.14 – Germany, Wartenbergoval, Angersbach   (w. Unisonic/Edguy)
11.10.14 – Germany, Frankfurt-Langen, Stadthalle   (w. Unisonic/Edguy)