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Kiske Fanclub did an exclusice Starchild interview with Sandro Giampietro, who is known as the guitarist of Helge Schneider and worked for the first time together with Michael Kiske in the Supared album. Michael Kiske already mentioned at that time that Sandro is a big fan of Heavy Metal music. He later joined again Michael Kiske on his solo album called ‘Kiske’ and the accoustic album ‘Past in Different Ways’. Additionally Michael Kiske and Sandro Giampietro are working together on the Kiske & Giampietro album, which will replace Kiske solo and in which Sandro will take over all production duties.


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Kiske Fanclub: In one interview our Fanclub did with you in 2006 you commented that you wanted to do another project/band with Jens Becker after Zillion. Starchild started in that moment? How much time did you spend in working on this album?

Sandro: Starchild started in 2012. If you leave beside the pre-production I spend one year working in the album.


Kiske Fanclub: Would you name Starchild a band or a project? Can we expect more albums & a tour in the future?

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Sandro: Starchild is a real Band and not a project. We are actually writing on the second album and we are making plans – together with All Access – for a tour this year.

Kiske Fanclub: What can we expect as promotional acts for Starchild? Can we expect more videoclips? Maybe a Japanese release with bonus material?

Sandro: We are doing more video clips. And when we have found the right Japanese distributor, there will be a Japanese release with a bonus song.


Kiske Fanclub: Please tell a little more about the song ‘Black and White Forever’ and Michael Kiske’s participation in it.

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Sandro: Every time I meet Michi, we jam and sing together for several hours. The idea became more and more concrete to do a song together . I had just finished the pre-production for the Starchild album when I wrote the song ‘Black and White Forever’ as a special duet for Michael and me. The cause to release this song now was a private matter that convinced me to support a special cancer-help.

Michi and me made the decision to put the duet on this album.


Kiske Fanclub: Did you record the album in your studio? Can you explain a little more about the recording process?

Sandro: Yes, I recorded all Tracks in my Studio with my API Console. The recording sessions were a lot of fun. Michael (Ehré) and Jens are very kind persons and it is a pleasure to work with them. Because we all have the same roots of metal music we like and there is no misunderstanding about any parts in the music. I never had to explain anything; every musician knew what I was talking about.


Kiske Fanclub: Can we expect more collaboration in the future? In Starchild facebook account it is published that Sandy Brechin (playing the accordion)? How did you decide the collaboration of Kiske/Helge?

Sandro: Sometimes when I write a song, I feel like hearing an Instrument which would fit perfectly into the song. This is the moment when I take my phone and call one of my friends and ask : hi mate, how is everything going. I need you for my new song…. Yeah! thats cool… Yes, so it might be that there’ll be more collaborations on the next Album. But we are still in the songwriting process and I can’t tell exactly at this point. Sandy Brechin is playing the Accordion on the song ‘Forever’. If I’ll need more accordion on the next album I will ask him again. But maybe he joins some of our live gigs, if it fits to his schedule.

I know Helge for even twenty years and we’ve worked together for a long period of time and play a few hundreds Shows . He is one of the best musicians I know. And at last : we are friends.


Kiske Fanclub: Kiske suggested you to be the 2nd guitarist of Unisonic before Kai Hansen joined. Did you like the idea? Did you want to join in the band or was this just an idea of Kiske?

Sandro: I didn’t know that !? I think Michael forgot to tell me. I’ve been a singer and a guitar player for all my live. But in several cases I was being hired as a guitar player. But one of my passions is singing . It would have been fun to work with Michi and the other members of Unisonic, they are very good musicians. But I’m enjoying our Kiske/Giampietro thing and of course my own band Starchild were I’m the singer.


Kiske Fanclub: About the Kiske & Giampietro project, or Kiske solo project, how many songs did you already record? Any plans to release it?

Sandro: We are looking forward to release it , but we both are very busy these days. But we are working on it constantly and we have jet recorded several songs, and some pre-production for more songs are almost ready. In spring time we’ll going to write some more songs, so we have a lot material to choose from.


Kiske Fanclub: You were/are writing songs together with Kiske and recording them in your studio not only for “Kiskepietro” project, but you also wrote 3 songs for Unisonic according Michael, how is the songwriting process with him and which are his abilities?

Sandro: „Kiskepietro“ I like that, it’s funny. Yes, we wrote three songs together for Unisonic. The songwriting process with Michi is one of the best parts. Michael is like a family member for us. He stays for a few days in which we recently work when one of us has an idea. We know each other very well and we’re speaking the same musical language. He is a very talented singer and has very nice ideas for melodies. So we’re showing our ideas . Then within minutes there is a basic song idea we both like.


Kiske Fanclub: Will you continue working in songs for Kiske & Giampietro project or is this stopped for a while?

Sandro: We are still working on songs for it. But usually I do not sit down and think, now I have to write a song for this or for that. There must be an inspiration to write good music. Sometimes it’s just the moment that takes me to the songwriting progress. I collect all the ideas which are coming into my head. Later on I see if they’ll work for the band or a singer I’m writing for.


Kiske Fanclub: In the first Starchild video credits there are 3 “Giampietros”, did they help you a lot in this album? Are there many musicians in your family?

Sandro: All members of my family are musicians. My father is a drummer, my mother is a Jazz singer. My wife plays bass and my daughters switch between drumming guitar and piano and singing. My older daughter is a good songwriter too, she even worked with me on the lyrics of the Starchild song ‘Underwater world’. My little son sure will be a musician too. At the age of two he stood before my guests and sang “666 the number of the beast!”. By the way, the intro movie theme of the Starchild video was also a melody he was singing while he was playing with his toys.


Kiske Fanclub: What are your exact plans for an upcoming Starchild tour? Playing bigger venues or smaller clubs?

Sandro: Together with the concert agency All Access we are making plans for a support tour .


Kiske Fanclub: You are in the “Kiske solo band” team since 99-00, did you think in all these years that Kiske band should make a tour or make some shows? Did you talk about this with Michael?

Sandro: We really never thought of a tour. The reason could be , that we never were a real band.


Kiske Fanclub: What do you think about the first album of Unisonic and since you are a part of the second album (writer or co-writer) can you give us a “little spoiler” about your songs?

Sandro: I think they made a good start with this album. It was written a little bit more in an AOR character than many fans expected, but somehow I hear a little Hellocreampinky9 mixture. I really can’t tell much more about the songs , some parts are even still in progress . But I’m sure, it will be an excellent album.

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