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Here is the translation/summary of the second part from this very interesting interview:

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Götz: First I want to clear something which you misunderstood. When I say I like listening to death and black metal it’s not because I want to set my aggressions free.

Michi: It influences your soul (or something like that..couldn’t hear it exactly).

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Götz: I cannot judge this. But for me I have a lot of fun listening to this. I feel quite a kind satisfaction listening to a special kind of music or reading some special books. It’s not always the reason to let something free…

Michi: Why is it interesting for you?

Götz: I find the music itself satisfying.

Michi: I have problems describing this style as music.

Götz: As a teenager I had problems with my parents accusing me only listening to metal, because I want to let out my aggressions.

Michi: Yes sure.

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Götz: I just find a guitar riff electrifying and I get goose bumps, when I listen to it. But I also get these goose bumps while listening to acoustic stuff.

Michi: You can let out aggressions in many different ways, with playing football. But in rock music there are many intelligent things.

Götz: You shouldn’t reduce to this.

Michi: No I don’t do that. Ok you are talking about death metal…you won’t convert me on this matter.

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Götz: No, that’s not my intention. I just want to explain to you why people listen to this music. They not people who would run against a wall instead. They just have fun with it.

Michi: I find it very critical having fun with it.

Götz: Ok, that’s your point of view.

Michi: When you watch horror movies where the tensions come from cruelty and you have fun watching, then you are training your soul to perversion.

Götz: I’m not a horror movie fan. But don’t you recognize that you handle these things in the same way.

Michi: Yes of course, for me it’s the same.

Götz: While talking about being a black metal fan, you start talking about horror movies. You are also using stereotypes.

Michi: I know what I’m talking about; many many years ago I have listened to it too.

Götz: Maybe you have listened to the wrong record.

Michi: Some always try to justify that some bands have different lyrics. But when you listen just to this yelling and brutal stuff…your soul absorbs it…but you will find out when your life ends…

Götz: But you can also do an esthetic yelling..

Michi: (laughing)

Götz: There are many esthetic death metal bands.

Michi: First we have to declare what can be understood as esthetic. What can I cultivate with death metal and what can I cultivate with other music.

Götz: That goes too far…

Michi: But that’s the interesting question. Art is not only an expression it also has an effect. All these black metal guys have to explain in the end what they have done.

Götz: But people can also blame you for creating a special world view with your records that others don’t agree on. You exclude some things that you fear…

Michi: No I don’t exclude anything instead I have dealt with everything.

Götz: There may be people who got ill by listening to the old Helloween records…

Michi:(laughing):Oh no, I don’t think there are such…the records were harmless

Götz: You don’t know…

Michi: You always try to screw things up. I think I explained my point of view very good with my essays. People have to decide for themselves. Beyond everything is the freedom of human beings and I fully respect this. I only express what I think about it.

Götz: I believe you got calmer because you realized that many people, who criticized you, were not so far away from you and your point of view. Many felt offended by someone they like. Then you realized that much more positive feelings came back to you.

Michi: yes,yes. I realized that there are some things where is no need in seeing them as bad…(Götz laughing)…don’t try to convert my words again…

Götz: No, no, we are filming this.

Michi: Of course it was great to see many positive reactions. Many things were better understood than thought it would. There are some phases …no I’m not erratic, what I was asked about from Jenny…over the years you have to go through special phases and deal with them.. when we spoke the last time everything was present and very deep. It also got worse by doing all these interviews at that time, but now it has calmed down a lot. I still have the same basic understanding but in a more diverse way. Yes I’m calmer today.

Götz: You are a very authentic person. Either if you are in an aggressive mood or in a calmer phase, it is very authentic.

Michi: I still have my aggression and I was also true back then.

Götz: Yes I believe you and I had fun in the previous conversations as well. The topics we are talking about are interesting for several people except the ones you mentioned as living in a medium kind of satisfaction.

Michi: There are many of them.

Götz: Yes, but there are only a few in the heavy metal scene. I think the people in our scene are dealing with much more aggressive feelings. They need an aggressive way of art to express these feelings. That’s different to people listening to elevator music.

Michi: I don’t have problem with the things you just said.

Götz: These are often used topics which are also visible in our magazine and they can be treated in a positive or negative way. It is also a kind of interpretation.

Michi: No, not only. You can also define these positive and negative things in an objective way. People are often searching for an contradiction.

Götz: Can you define objectiveness?

Michi: To be in a special border.

Götz: In our culture area maybe, but when you change the culture area it may be different.

Michi: There may be some words connected to the place where you grew up, but there is a common kind of understanding as long as we are human beings. That’s why language und conversations are working.

Götz: Are you religious?

Michi: Yes of course, but I’m not connected to a church (religious community).

Götz: Maybe because of this reason you think it can be judged in an objective way. But there are other people who believe it is a kind of evolution what we consider as wrong or right.

Michi: yeah, sure.

Götz: Maybe in 150 years it is seen differently.

Michi: There are things that won’t change. There is goodness that cannot be defined as a temporary fashion. For example “honesty” that will mean the same in 100 years. You can be honest in different ways, but there is only one way of honesty as a quality of your character.

Götz: But there is nothing more difficult to express what you really think. You normally tend to kid yourself.

Michi: yes it’s generally difficult for an artist. Therefore it’s a never ending fight for an artist. It’s a never ending fight for your own honesty. I don’t think someone will ever fulfill this with 100%, but that’s not really necessary at all. The searching for it is more important.

Götz: I agree 100% with you on that matter. Therefore these things are very important topics.

Michi: People often search for a way without conflicts, but in real life there is always a conflict. The conflict itself is objective. People have polarities and it is in a way the nature of human beings.

Götz: Rough edges. You really have more in common with the bad guys than you may realize.

Michi: There is a lot of show,

Götz: That’s another prejudice.

Michi: That’s a judgment, I know the scene.

Götz: ok, a judgment, but you lump everything together. There are so many death and black metal guys who are searching for extreme positions like you do. They also have rough edges like you. They are honest and authentic like you.

Michi: I don’t deny this.

Götz: There are some of them who consider the same things as good or bad like you do.

Michi: ok I can follow your thoughts and I can accept it in a certain way.