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Here is the translation/summary for the 3rd part:

Götz: We have not spoken about music yet. We have not spoken about your music. You have done second Place Vendome album with former Pink Cream 69 and Vandenplas musicians. I already liked the first record very much. I think “Cross the Line” was the best song sung by you since the best Helloween stuff.  I also liked your solo record with the acoustic versions of your Helloween songs and now you have the second Place Vendome record. This one is also as good as the first one and in the same direction with good AOR. What do you thing on this stuff, it’s not written by you. You have taken the material as yours and it seemed you had a lot of fun in doing it?

Michi: Yes it made a lot of fun. I already said to you, since I’m not in a band anymore, I’m always doing things on my own. If you write, record and produce everything on your own, you somehow live in your own small world, but it has a good authentic feeling. Surprisingly with Place Vendome after a short period with skepticism, I was quite happy that Frontiers Records brought the idea to me. With this other input I’m forced leaving my own world a little bit. Like it was in Helloween times, when I sang songs written by Kai and Weikath. I had to get into their writing style and take it as mine. First I check if I can deal with it, if not I refuse to sing it. This time this was not necessary because it was preselected in advance. For me it’s like vacation, I select the stuff and do my performance as good as possible and in an authentic way. But not everything is lasting on my shoulders. I also learn new things which I probably wouldn’t lean in doing only my own stuff.

Götz: Could you image playing live with this stuff?

Michi: Not at the moment.

Götz: If I would ask you playing at the next Rock Hard Festival, you would say no?

Michi: That’s a sensitive topic. You know I must be careful with it. I will always be connected to the scene and that’s ok. But I will also be free in doing different stuff and not to be put in a special pattern. Therefore I must be very careful.

Götz: But this doesn’t mean you cannot play in other places?

Michi: No, But I must be careful, since I was not onstage for about 16 years. It’s important that I didn’t have a bad feeling afterwards, because I’m the guy who wouldn’t do it again if it fails. First I want to do a new solo record and then I need to check my condition. I’m not 20 anymore and it’s totally different than working in the studio. I need to check this out first.

Götz: You are not forced to jump around like before.

Michi: Yeah, but it must also fit with the voice. If you do a 2 hour show daily, that’s something I need to check first. First I want to go on stage with my own stuff and with good colleagues in front of a quite neutral audience. If this has been done and everything worked out well for me, then everything is possible. It should also not be the typical Hard Rock and Metal stages, it should be more neutral places and I would feel better there. I think I would feel misplaced in these other stages at the moment .

Götz: I think there are a lot of people who would feel happy seeing you on a Metal stage nowadays. I don’t think there would be any bad blood with throwing toilet brushes. I believe it would work and you also should not have a problem with your self confidence.