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Here is a small translation/summary of the first part (translations for other parts will follow):

Michi: I don’t want to be unfair. I want to get a clear view for myself and therefore I try to make contrasts. You must transfer these things into an extreme point of view. In real life there is much grey and you cannot check good and bad. Therefore contrasts are important. I did overwork it a lot (essays).

Götz: Can you imagine to see things different in 5 years?

Michi: Sure, that always happens daily. But this happens not in a way to questions my personal moral point of view.  I do have a special spiritual view on things, how someone lives and how you treat friends. The question how I handle moral questions at all. These things are a very important part of my life. I always learn new things in this process, but it’s not getting easier.  I learn every day new things.  I cannot guarantee to see things different in 5 years. Probably not in the fundamental view, but I may see it more diverse. There may be of course a few things where my basic view will change.

Götz: There were some people are influenced by, but these people often had personal problems in their life too, some got lunatic and so on.

Michi: Yes Nietsche is an example who got lunatic because of materialism. He was not superficial enough for it.

Götz: It is not said that you will become a luckier person by dealing with these kind of things, as you said.

Michi: I could now define for myself what understand as luck. I feel lucky when I’m in balance between what my own capabilities and what is recommended. For me it’s a bad thing to be not enough challenged. But it’s also bad to be challenged beyond my capabilities. I don’t know if I need to be lucky. I’m on the way, I’m alive and I like learning. When I dig into something, that’s when I really feel lucky.

Götz:  Maybe I used the wrong word.  It’s more a counterbalanced way, everybody is searching for.

Michi: Not, counterbalanced also means boring. That’s something Jenny explained very good. She said, that productive artists do this …not as a show… I don’t do it in a way that I want to do it, I cannot do it different. That are questions that are in my mind and that I want to deal with. That’s just me. I wouldn’t say everyone should do the same, but I cannot be different. My previous life brought me to this point. When it’s about an inner conflict, it is also about a tension. When you are totally satisfied with everything, then there is no necessity to overcome or change something. I do own little bit self destructive behavior, but it’s not that strong. But the tension and solving this state does belong to me and I think this belongs to every person.

Götz: Positive said, it’s (couldn’t hear the rest)

Michi: It’s like a battery which gives energy as long as there is tension. The battery is empty when this is equalized. It is a kind of mental law that there are polarities and in between there is the “I”. The tension is the fundament of productiveness.

Götz: You seem to be the guy who needs this kind of tension?

Michi: I have this tension. I need some calm down.

Götz: I think everyone believes this now. But what I want to point at is that you seem to be less aggressive than some years ago. I thing you offended 3 years ago, because you fought your point of view very aggressive.

Michi: Yes, you sometimes need to let it out.

Götz: You were much more fighting back at that time and that provoked the reactions. But as I see you are now much more convenient. What’s the reason?

Michi: You have to clear it for yourself and I always say, just let it out. That’s just your language where you demand free speaking for some music styles that I cannot accept and which are going too far. But generally I understand it, especially to let out some frustration. If you always swallow the bitter pill, you will get ill. In some situations it’s important to speak about some things, to let it out.

Götz: Earlier I thought about something…

Michi: I just want to explain why I’m calmer down today. I just did let it out and also dealed with it. I still have to face a few things, but it sets you free somehow. If you write something like an essay and let everything out, it helps you.