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Burrn Japan 2013


Michael Kiske and Tobias Sammet made an exclusive interview for Japanese Burrn magazine in April 2013 edition. Michael Kiske talks about Kiske&Giampietro album, new Avantasia record and the new Timo Tolkki’s Avalon project. Tobias Sammet also talks about the new Avantasia – ‘The Mystery of Time” release and about Michael Kiske, who was voted as ‘Best Vocalist of 2012’ in Burrn readers poll. Additionally a review of the new Avantasia – ‘The Mystery of Time’ album is featured with 3 different ratings voting for it (86/100; 90/100; 91/100).

Kiske about the following releases:  “First, Avantasia, then Place Vendome, then my album with Sandro, and then Unisonic … Unisonic will be in the next year. I enjoy keeping myself busy. My voice still works fine, so I want to record it in as much albums as possible. I don’t want to overdo it, but I think it works if each album does different materials, because it helps opening up everyone’s mind.”

Kiske about his solo album with Sandro Giampietro: “Songs for the album were written in four days! That’s how much creative we were, and I had never experienced it before. The creative process was so easy that I was convinced that we must complete the album. So, I am now working on this.”

Kiske about Place Vendome’s new album: “I have started to record vocals. We decided to make another album because we received a lot of requests. While we were doing Unisonic, we were always asked “You won’t do Place Vendome anymore? ” There was no doubt that someone enjoyed it. Personally, that is a main stream AOR, but I like singing there as well. It’s interesting that there is a market for it.”

Kiske about Timo Tolkki’s Avalon album: “A couple of months ago, I sang for Timo Tolkki. He asked me to sing this song, but it has a melody similar to “Keeper of the Seven Keys”. As both have the same tone and key, I wasn’t sure if I could sing the song with good feeling. But when I did it, it came very natural. And it was enjoyable, realizing that I could still sing that type of song after more than 20 years. I switched myself into that mode and sang it, and switching part was very much fun. Particularly singing something that I won’t write.”

Kiske about Avantasia ‘The Mystery Of Time’ album: “This album contains sort of classical hymn. It is very melodic, energetic and positive, and full of what it makes Avantasia. I enjoyed the recording very much. It was great feeling singing as well. Because I still really like what I used to do! Since many people are still misunderstood on this, I have been talking about this in many interviews in order to clear up the misunderstanding. I really like what we did at Helloween, especially during “Keeper of the Seven Keys”. But I am not the same person as who I was back then. I have grown up, my private life has been changed and types of music I listen to is different. I still like the old albums of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, but now, I prefer listening to someone like Cara Dillon, who is a Irish singer. She is a very spiritual trad/fork singer and listening to her uplifts my heart. I don’t make that type of music myself but I would love to do if there is a song with that type of spirit.”

Kiske about “their songs” in the new album: “‘Where The Clock Hands Freeze’.. Tobi always wants me to sing that type of song (laughs)… I think I was the first to record the vocal for ‘Savior In The Clockwork’. I did my part, listening to Tobi’s guide vocal. Actually I haven’t listen to the finished song, so I don’t know how it turned out. Sure it is fun if other singer’s recording were there, but unless all of us record at a studio at the same time, someone has to do it first. So, there is no problem. I just do what I’ve got to do. I think of melodies and sing for a few times. Sometimes, it comes along right away, other times it takes longer. But I keep singing till it feels right. I do what I do and it doesn’t matter who sings before or after me. So there is no impacts. Just… it’s more fun if other singer’s parts are already there. ‘Dweller In A Dream’ is not that fast…but I guess up-tempo… It has a little bit of driving feel. I wonder if speed metal still exists? There were some super-fast speed metal songs in the 80’s but this song is not that fast. Songs from Rainbow or Deep Purple were fast but not as fast as those, right? This song is the same. It is an up-tempo song. Well, maybe a bit speedy. Of course I enjoyed singing this song. I don’t really care what types of song it is. It is good to me as long as it has a good melody. A song that I enjoy singing is the one with good spirits. It doesn’t matter if it is an acoustic song, a piano song, or an electric guitar song.”

Kiske about ‘The Mystery Of Time’ history: “Whenever opportunities come up, we often talk about spiritual stuff. Spirituality is the essence of my life. I don’t commit to a particular religion, but I have always been a very spiritual person from long time ago. I consider life as a school. It is a place to learn and build up who you are as a person in many ways. Tobi thinks the same way. So, we sometimes talk about spiritual ideas on and on. I really like the story that Tobi developed in this album. I think it is important to bring such story into Heavy Metal. Our society in our age is so ill. People feel empty and sick, and they run away to alcohol and drugs, turning away from questions of life. At outside of our soul, there are too much stuff going on at fast pace, while soul suffers from emptiness even more. That’s a part of the story Tobi tells in this Avantasia album. I am glad that he deals with such theme because I think it is very important issue. He had been working on a story a long before he started to write songs, and he had sent me a loooong email before.”

Kiske about the new Avantasia tour: ” I returned to live stages with Unisonic in 2010, but it was great to be able to do a longer tour with Avantasia. I had a lot of things that I had to overcome. This negative big burden which had been in my mind for a long time had turned into a big pressure, and I had to get rid of it. I coudn’t think of a better way to do it other than returning on stages with Avantasia tour. It may sound like an environment with the biggest stress that you could imagine, but everyone involved had grown up attitude, and are intelligent and good musicians. They are fun to be around and have a good sense of humor. No one complained. It was very relaxing, professional, and really fun. It was wonderful. Then, I went out a longer tour with Unisonic. Avantasia opened it up, and it was fantastic. The timing was perfect, too. I am looking forward to the upcoming Avantasia tour. There is no reason not to become fun!”