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Michael Kiske Q/A answers summary (September 2013):

After a long Avantasia tour, a summer break and some holidays, Michael Kiske answered more questions that you asked in the forum, so please check out the latest answers. Every folder beginning with ‘Michael Kiske:’ contains an answer. Here are a few excerpts from the answers:


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Question: Don’t you think it was a funny coincidence that in 1988 you toured with Iron Maiden and they were doing the Seventh Tour, now 25 years later, you shared 2 festival with them again at Sonisphere Festival in Spain and they will be playing that same tour of 1988? What do you think about it? And did you have time to talk with the guys of Iron Maiden there?

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Michi: Yup, it’s funny sometimes. Unfortunately we played very late, so they were gone when I arrived. I usually don’t hang around much on festivals. Just show up right before and leave again after the show. I would have loved to say hi to Rod Smallwood (their manager) especially.


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Question: Hi Michael, my question: after particularly RTS and SupaRed (which had a harder sound, though), your projects have all been either in the traditional hard rock/AOR vein, the symphonic metal genre or geared towards gentle and traditional acoustic music. Now, while that’s already a wider range than most “former Metal-singers” have, I always thought that a lot of the music on those two albums pointed in another, more “experimental pop” direction. So the question as such: would you ever consider recording a mature, intelligent and stylistically very open and even experimental but nevertheless pure pop-rock album with no hard rock elements at all (I’m thinking of bands like U2, Coldplay, David Bowie, The Beatles, Marillion etc.)? Or is that not what you’re interested in at all?

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Michi: Very possible. Even though I see U2 as a real rock band. The next album I am doing with my best friend Sandro Giampietro is very open in that matter. It will rock but also actually has a touch of U2 here and there from the guitars. Funny that you ask. I am very open minded and like lots of different types or music. So anything is possible.


Question: First of all a big compliment and thanks for the first Unisonic album to the entire band! It feels good to see how much fun you and Kai have together again! I followed your music since I was 13 (1987). The positive attitude of your music accompanied me through my youth. Like a lot of long term fans I think that most of your past work is still so much underrated. Songs like New Horizons, My Guardian Angel, Cross The Line or I Believe (just examples) are definitely to good to play them live never again. Moreover lots of them have a relationship to your current band mates. Will it be possible to hear some of those songs in longer headliner shows on next Unisonic tour? – They would even fit into an awesome extended live album.

Kiske: Thanks for your long support, Brigitte! (note: this question was originally raised by Sebastian in our forum, so there are more longtime fans except me 😉 ) Yes, some stuff was very cool. But I don’t think Unisonic would be wanting to play that stuff. We want to play our own music mostly. But when I ever make a tour maybe with Sandro Giampietro, I might play some of that stuff. It is very possible that we play LONGING on the tour in December with the orchestra. I suggested it and they liked the idea. We’ll see!

Michael Kiske Q/A answers summary (March 2013):

We have a few more answered questions from Michael Kiske. Here is an excerpt:Kiske Fanclub:For Unisonic’s first album, you wrote only one song…. Do you think we can expect perhaps a few more songs like this for Unisonic’s next album?Michael Kiske: Hard to say, they sometimes don’t care too much about my songs, because my songs tend to sound very different to their stuff. But if I write one and they think it’s cool, we’ll do it. If we don’t do a song that I wrote, but I do like a lot, I do it somewhere else.

Kiske Fanclub: Can you give us an update about the Kiske/Giampietro album? How is the progress and when do you think it could be released?

Michael Kiske: We are working on it in between other stuff. No idea when it will be released. I haven’t even made a deal yet. But I guess at the end of the year is possible.

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Small Fanclub Interview with Michael Kiske (January 2013)

The Unisonic and Michael Kiske Fanclub asked Michael Kiske to answer a few questions regarding his solo work and Unisonic activities (thanks to Basti):p1010878Fanclub:Can you please give us an update about your upcoming solo album? Did you already start working with Sandro on it? When do you plan to start the recordings?Michael:I will start Vocals for it this week; so the album will be finished soon. It’s not so much a solo-record, it’s a new think with Sandro and me, we do all together. I was surprised how good it works to have Sandro producing it … 

Fanclub: Please tell us a little tour summary (South America, Festivals, Asia and Spain-Germany). What were your best/worst moments? Maybe you experienced also some funny things? How did you feel when you lost your voice in Hamburg?

Michael: We can not complain about the reactions all over the world; even in places were Gotthard was headlining, the whole venue was singing our songs. Actually Germany was sort of the more ”silent-gourmets” … Not bad, but not at all as much of a party as everywhere else. Most people came for Gotthard, while in other countries we had many fans showing up for us. Over hear in my own country we still have a lot of work to do, I guess. … It was generally a good year especially for me. I finally got fully back into the whole thing again and I am now ready for more. The band got a good feel about itself and we can move on from here with hopefully better records. …
When I lost my voice in Hamburg, I wasn’t in a good mood before the show already, because I knew I was getting very sick. I just knew it was not just a little cold. While I was warming up the voice before the show with some Elvis tunes, I realized: it’s not going to work this time, because the voice died on me already then … On Stage I took it pretty good, because: What can you do? A caught a real infection, there is really nothing you can do, so I tried to make the best out the situation. When the voice died in the third song, I left the stage and joined the crowd to make photos with them and signed autographs, while Kai was doing some singing. The next days I had 40 fever and even NOW, after 6 weeks, I’m still having it a bit in my bronchium. Sucks especially when this happens in your hometown, but sometimes live is just a bitch … It’s a situation I had to re-learn to live with too …


Fanclub: Do you think Unisonic will make some festivals in the summer or you will be very busy with other activities?
Michael: Both. I am sure we will do at least a little bit, but we will also be busy with the next album. …