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Exclusive Infinita Symphonia interview for Kiske Fanclub (June 2013)

Luca Micioni (vocalist) and Gianmarco Ricasoli (guitarist) from Infinita Symphonia did an exclusive interview for the Kiske Fanclub to explain some details about the new album which included a performance of Michael Kiske on the song ‘Fly‘. So I hope you enjoy the interview.Kiske Fanclub: Do you plan to release a Japanese edition? Do you have any bonus tracks ready to use in another different edition than standard?Luca: Actually we still haven’t got news about Japan… but if they will ask,we will be ready… we have a bonus track..and I hope you will like the surprise! 

Kiske Fanclub: Do you plan to release another video clip and do you have plans for a tour to promote the new album?

Luca: Yes,of course… we will soon share the second video… so let’s keep in touch!


Kiske Fanclub: Can you tell us a little more about the cover of your new album? It shows a clock, so what is the meaning behind?

Gianmarco: There’s a teddy bear in a wood… it’s a static picture in which time is frozen… the representation of one moment in a life, but the watch reminds us the passing of time… the album deals with moments of life during which time seem to be suspended… a moment of love, a regret, a dream, a night of insomnia.. the wait for a change… and in ‘Limbo‘ you will find the reason for the woodland… 😉

Luca: I know Gianmarco widely answered this question… but I would like to propose you a little enigma… to fully understand the meaning of the cover… you need to take  a look to the watch… especially to the minute band… and to the title of the song 9 of the album… and than..and to connect this to the Selva Oscura… I’m sure Dante’s Inferno will help you to reach the solution 😉


Kiske Fanclub: Why did you want Kiske as guest in your new album and how did you manage to get him? Who came up with the idea?

Gianmarco: Luca wanted to have Michael on the album with all his soul…and when he accepted he only  could  make us happy and honored! Especially when we listened the performance for the first time…it was great!

Luca: Why Michael?… The answer is simple… because he is Michael Kiske!.. (hahah)… you know, I dreamt to duet with him, one of the greatest voices  of ever, one of my idols since I heard his voice for the first time… I fortunately met him on the stage of the Italian Gods of Metal festival, and has been very kind… accepting to consider the proposal.. so… He realized my desire!


Kiske Fanclub: I think you’re the responsible for the arrangements and orchestration of the new album, was it difficult to evolve the basic instruments with the orchestration?

Gianmarco: Oh,yes..I’m the responsible… the hardest challenge when you are trying to creategood orchestral arrangements is to create a deep connection between notes and emotions, between the shades of meaning,both in notes and words… the difficulty consists into create the perfect sound, a musical framework which can perfectly contain the message you want to transmit. There are always a lot of possible solutions and it’s always hard to choose 😉


Kiske Fanclub: I don’t know if you wrote the song ‘Fly‘ but… How did you write the song for Kiske and did you originally have his voice in mind for the song?

Gianmarco: No… we were not thinking to Michael… but when Michael confirmed his specialappearance we worked at the song adjusting and adapting some details thinking to the duet… and even if I’m not so objective… In my opinion… the work is successful! 😀


Kiske Fanclub: Please tell us some words about the song ‘Fly‘ and the Kiske performance?

Luca: I wrote the lyrics concerning the strength we need to realize our own desires, the message that come out is that we all need to keep on trying, even when everything seem to be lost… And Kiske,in this song, represents my inner voice…and tells me to go on. What can I say about the way he did it? Perfect!

Gianmarco: ‘Fly‘ is a deeply felt song… I wrote the music and Luca created the lyrics and the vocal line… but what is incredible is that during the composition I had a clear idea of  the message emerging from  that music… when Luca sent me back the song with the voice..I found he had expressed the same concept! It often happen something similar between Luca and me… sometimes I think we read eachother’s mind! Michael Kiske was flawless!… it took me some time to get used to listen his voice on a song of mine… it’s not a usual thing!… but then I realized how he  is a complete artist more than beeing “simply” a singer… he interpreted the song as it was HIS song… the bridge  surely represents the deep meaning of the song…”If you don’t dream you don’t fly“… and Michael surely makes us dream with his voice.


Kiske Fanclub: How easy was it to do that duet on ‘Fly‘? Did your voices mix easily or was it very complicated? How did this duet work in the end? Who recorded first?

Luca: We sent him a demo of the complete song… he recorded his parts giving it his personal interpretation… I recorded my parts. The quality of his performance was so good that we hadn’t to do more than mixing the tracks together…


Kiske Fanclub: A question regarding your English, did you have some singing lessons like helping with the pronunciation? Vocalists of Italy, Spain, and Germany usually have problems with the pronunciation but you sound very nice.

Luca: Oh,thank you very very much! I’m very happy for your words… but,no!I didn’t… I listen at metal music… and this is my lesson! (hahaha)


Kiske Fanclub: What are your favorite songs of the new album?

Luca: ‘Fly‘, of course… But even the ballad ‘In Your Eyes‘, for its simplicity and for the emotions it evokes in me… and than ‘The Last Breath‘, on the contrary, for the complexity… of the structure, of  the sound… and maybe of the message.. that leaves you free to imagine that particular moment of life in your own way…


Kiske Fanclub: Are you following/followed Kiske career? What are your favorite releases of him?

Luca: Probably you expect thatI talk of Helloween’s albums, and of course I loved  and still love them! But when I listen at Instant Clarity, even today, after thousands of times I’ve heard it… I keep thinking it is a very masterpiece!… and now Unisonic… Especially ‘Over The Rainbow‘!… the Important collaboration with Avanatsia (even thanks to the genius of the young and great Tobias Sammet!)… And why not?… Infinita Symphonia’s ‘Fly‘! Hahaha.

Gianmarco: I loudly say: KEEPER OF THE SEVEN KEYS!


Kiske Fanclub: This is more a guess or an advice than a question… did you watch the Avantasia show at Milano? Maybe you could have used for a little promotion of your new album with some pictures together or whatever…

Luca: Unfortunatelly I wasn’t there,due to personal commitments…


Kiske Fanclub: You are a vocalist but can you live only from the music? Do you have another job? Is it easy for you and the band now to live only from music?

Luca: Absolutely not!… we spend a lot of money to realize our albums… and we are not famous (not yet! hahaha)… so we all have a job that give us the chance to don’t give up themusic…

Gianmarco: Unfortunately I don’t live from music. I have a work and I’m even a student at the University… a work is needful to keep on writing and playing our music.


Kiske Fanclub: This is a “standard” question that we usually do to all musicians… What do you think about Michael Kiske as a singer and musician?

Luca: As I wrote before He is one of the greatest voices of ever… I hope to have other occasions to collaborate again with him…i have a lot to learn from him!

Gianmarco: I think Michael Kiske is a great singer, has made history with two of the most important albums of heavy metal (Keeper of the seven keys 1 and 2) and is a musician with  the heart as well as with a great technique! I was born in 1989 and when I was 14-15  I discovered Helloween and Michael Kiskefor me he became a hero (not to mention the fact that with the Unisonic now he  is really doing a great job)!



Thanx a lot to you and to all your readers! Ciao! 🙂

Luca Micioni, Gianmarco Ricasoli

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