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The Japanese magazine BURRN! published the results of their big poll done by the readers and Unisonic achieved fantastic positions in different polls.  Michael Kiske won the magazine award as “Best vocalists of 2012”:

Burrn! magazine awards as “Best vocalists of 2012”:

1. Michael Kiske (Unisonic)
2. Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
3. Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour)
4. Rob Halford (Judas Priest)


And Unisonic got a great rating in different polls, for example, the 5th place as the “best group of 2012”, where the winner was Aerosmith. Kai Hansen was in the 5th place as the “best guitarist of 2012” and Mandy Meyer with a 30th place, the winner was Edward Van Halen. Dennis Ward was voted in the place 24 as “the best bassist of 2012” poll, where obviously the winner was Steve Harris. Unisonic was 2nd place as the Brightest hope of 2012 with the winner Cyntia. Another great position for Unisonic with a 3rd position as “the best Live Performance in Japan” after Judas Priest and Accept. Kai Hansen was on the 3rd place as “best songwriter of 2012,” where the winner was Syu of Galnery. Last but not least, Unisonic won the 2nd place as best album of 2012 after Accept. As “best DVD of 2012” the 4th position was for Gamma Ray Skeletons & Majiesties Live. And the song ‘Unisonic’ was chosen as “the best song of 2012”. In the “Best pleasure of 2012” Unisonic was in 9th place.

Summary of the results

– Best vocalist: Michael Kiske (from Unisonic) winner.
– Best song: ‘Unisonic’ winner.
– Best group: Unisonic, 2nd place.
– Best album: Unisonic, 5th place.
– Brightest hope: Unisonic, 2nd place.
– Best Live Performance: Unisonic, 3rd place.
– Best songwriter: Kai Hansen (Unisonic, Gamma Ray), 3rd place.
– Best guitarist: Kai Hansen (Unisonic, Gamma Ray) 5th, Mandy Meyer (Unisonic) 30th.
– Best bass player: Dennis Ward (Unisonic), 24th place
– Best Pleasure: Unisonic, 9th place
– Best DVD: Gamma Ray Skeletons & Majesties, 4th.

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