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Michael Kiske – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Ciriaco Taraxes – Guitars and Keyboards

Jens Mencl – Bass

Jürgen Spiegel – Drums

Kay Rudi Wolke – Drums



On August 16, 1996, three years after leaving Helloween, Kiske released his first solo album, Instant Clarity. The album featured guest appearances by Kai Hansen and Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden. A music video for the ballad Always, dedicated to deceased Helloween drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg, was produced and filmed in New York City. Instant Clarity contained songs in a wide variety of styles. During the same year he also wrote a book, ‘Kunst Und Materialismus’, which is only available in German.

His second solo album, Readiness to Sacrifice, was released in Korea and Japan in 1999, and in Europe in 2001. The music on the album featured Michael moving away from his heavy metal roots and even contained two symphonic songs.

In 2003, out of desire to make rock music again, Kiske formed a band, named SupaRed. Despite that this was released under a band name, it is more another Michael Kiske solo record. They released a self-titled album in January 2003. This album had a modern rock sound and a song structure, distinct from both his solo albums and the heavy metal sound of Helloween. Everything started when Kiske recorded his second solo album Readiness To Sacrifice, he began to think in the possibility of create a band. The drummer Jürgen Spiegel arrange a meeting with a local guitarist Sandro Giampietro who played with humorist Helge Schneider. When the album was already composed Jürgen introduced Aldo Harms as bassist.

Line up
Vocals: Michael Kiske
Guitars: Sandro Giampietro, Michael Kiske
Overdub guitar: Nils Hansen
Bass: Aldo Harms
Drums: Jurgen Spiegel
Keyboards: Michael Kiske

During the recordings of ‘Supalbum’ Kiske  had some serious problems with his stomach and the vocal recordings of the latest five songs had to been postponed for almost one year. After the previous problems in the Helloween years with the label Noise Records, surprisingly the band signed with them for three albums. Finally although nobody of the ‘old’ Noise company was workin’ there, the ‘new’ workers of Noise promoted the album as the comeback of Kiske to Metal so the failure was secure a cause from that kind of pathetic promotion. Due to this bad promotion, Michael Kiske dissolved Supared and also explained in an statement, that he will never do a Hard Rock album again.

In 2006, Michael Kiske released his third full-length solo album under the name of Kiske. The album contained songs in a mellow, acoustic pop-rock style and was a step away from the sound of his previous solo albums. According to Michael “It’s a healthy-careless and musically free album. I am very proud of this record because it is a true statement from myself”.

In 2008, Kiske released his fourth solo work, entitled Past in Different Ways. The new solo album contained acoustic re-arrangements of his old Helloween material and one new song. According to Kiske the album “on one hand shows that I don’t reject my past just because I’m a different person today, and on the other hand it can maybe give people who were part of that past a different view at those songs”.