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22 Dec 2018 Helloween Hamburg, DEU Sporthalle Hamburg Sporthalle Hamburg Buy ticket

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Line up
Vocals: Michael Kiske
Lead guitar: Ulrich Schulz
Rhythm guitar: Raico Ebel
Bass: Patrick Hampe
Drums: Karsten Nagel



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At age of 16, Michael Kiske created together with his school friend Karsten Nagel the band ‘Ill Prophecy’. Since they really loved Iron Maiden and Queensryche, they tried to maket a sound like those bands. Karsten and Michael chose the name of the band Ill Prophecy before searching for other musicians. Later this band was joined by Ulrich Schulz, Patrick Hampe and Raico Ebel.

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They recorded a demo in 1986, which contained 3 later in Helloween re-recorded and re-arranged songs. These songs were ‘A little Time’ in an extented edition, ‘You always walk alone’ and ‘We got the right’. In general this first and only demo with Michael Kiske contained 5 tracks. When they were ready to play live, Michael received an offer to join Helloween by Markus Grosskopf. They were seaching for a vocalist because the current vocalist and guitarist Kai Hansen was finding it difficult to sing and play guitar at the same time. Michael didn’t accept the offer and Kai Hansen tried to add Tyran Pace vocalist Ralf Scheepers who also refused. After a second attempt, Michael accepted because Helloween‘s guitarist Michael Weikath promised him they would make more melodic sounding metal.