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Don’t forget the contest to win this signed item only runs 2 more days. 😉

I have again a little surprise for the members of Michael Kiske Official fanclub. Michael Kiske and Official Michael Kiske contact Sebastian Vollmer provided a signed CD of the new Place Vendome album ‘Thunder in the Distance’ for our fanclub contest. I want to know who are the best fans of Michael Kiske and Place Vendome in the world so I propose 3 interesting questions. If more than one people answer all questions, I will do a drawing between them and if nobody answers the questions it will be a drawing between the fans who had more right answers.


Here is the prize:

– Gold prize: Place Vendome – ‘Thunder in the Distance’ album hand signed by Michael Kiske (European Digipack edition)

 The contest starts today and ends on 23.11.2013 at 23:59 o’clock!!!


Please send your answers to this email:


So here you have the 3 questions:

1 – How many A L B U M S did the label Frontiers Records release with Michael Kiske on it?

2 – Who is the new member of Place Vendôme?

3. Tell all writers/composers of the new Place Vendome album?

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