Avantasia played in Hamburg on 05.03.2016

05.03.16 – Germany, Hamburg, Avantasia

Avantasia played their 2nd show in Michael Kiske’s hometown and it was the first concert which was sold out. Here are all details about it:

The setlist:

1. Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
2. Ghostlights (Kiske/Sammet)
3. Invoke The Machine (Atkins/Sammet)
4. Unchain The Light (Kiske/Atkins/Sammet)
5. A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies (Catley/Sammet)
6. The Great Mystery (Sammet/Catley)
7. The Scarecrow (Lande/Sammet)
8. Lucifer (Lande/Sammet)
9. The Watchmakers Dream (Sammet)
10. What’s Left Of Me (Martin/Sammet)
11. The Wicked Symphony (Catley/Langhans/Somerville)
12. Draconian Love (Langhans/Sammet)
13. Farewell (Somerville/Sammet/Kiske)
14. Stargazers (Hartmann/Lande/Kiske)
15. Shelter From The Rain (Kiske/Sammet/Catley)
16. The Story Ain’t Over (Catley/Sammet)
17. Let The Storm Descend Upon You (Lande/Sammet)
18. The Promised Land (Lande/Sammet)
19. Reach Out For The Light (Kiske/Sammet)
20. Avantasia (Kiske/Sammet)
21. Twisted Mind (Atkins/Martin)
22. Dying For An Angel (Atkins/Martin)
23. Lost In Space (Sammet)
24. Sign Of The Cross / 7 Angels (All)

Hamburg, Germany

Random Photo from the show





The crowd was very enthusiastic in Hamburg. During the show a lot of fans repeatedly were shouting “Kiske”. Great response in the hometown of Michael Kiske



 Avantasia – Unchain the Light (feat. Kiske, Atkins) – Hamburg 05.03.2016

Avantasia – Stargazers (feat. Kiske, Lande, Atkins) – Hamburg 05.03.2016

Avantasia – Avantasia (feat. Kiske) – Hamburg 05.03.2016

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