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22 Dec 2018 Helloween Hamburg, DEU Sporthalle Hamburg Sporthalle Hamburg Buy ticket

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The next concert lead Avantasia to kaufbeuren, where they already played in 2010.










The setlist:
01. Intro: A Space Odyssey & Spectres (Atkins/Sammet)
02. Invoke The Machine (Atkins/Sammet)
03. Black Orchid (Sammet/Atkins)
04. Prelude & Reach Out For The Light (Kiske/Sammet)
05. Breaking Away (Kiske/Sammet)
06. The Story Ain’t Over (Catley/Sammet)
07. The Great Mystery (Sammet/Catley)
08. Scale Of Justice (Thomas Rettke)
09. What’s Left On Me (Eric Martin/Sammet)
10. Promised Land (Eric Martin/Sammet)
11. Sleepwalking (Sammet/Somerville)
12. The Scarecrow (Atkins/Sammet/Kiske)
13. Stargazers (Hartmann/Atkins/Kiske)
14. Farewell (Sammet/Somerville/Kiske)
15. Shelter From The Rain (Kiske/Sammet/Catley)
16. In Quest For (Catley/Sammet)
17. The Wicked Symphony (Catley/Rettke/Somerville/Hartmann)
18. Lost In Space (Sammet)
19. Savior In The Clockwork (Martin/Sammet/Atkins)
20. Twisted Mind (Atkins/Martin)
21. Dying For An Angel (Sammet/Eric Martin)
22. The Seven Angels – Full version (Kiske/Sammet/Hartmann/Catley)
23. Avantasia (Kiske/Sammet)
24. Introduction of musicians & The Sign Of The Cross (Everybody)


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Raphael Medina commented: “My second show of Avantasia today, before Ludwigsburg and another great show! I can’t wait for Hellfest!” Stephanie Karlsson: “What 3 hours! Thanks a lot Tobi and all avantasians. Hope you will return soon.“My comments: “The audience was really very good, only in the last 30 or 45 minutes, they got somehow a little tired and Tobi several times asked them if they get tired. In this show, I think it was not Kiske who sang from backstage the few high parts in ‘Savior In The Clockwork’, it was Amanda. I could see her standing there and singing.” Marc Svensson said: “I really love Atkins and Kiske voice, so different, so special, great show, thanks!



Shelter from the Rain:





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Tami Miksch uploaded some photos on facebook, check the photo album here. Kiske official fanclub photo album here. Photo album by Thomas Duernsteiner on his facebook account, check it here. Photo album on facebook of Christian Eidenpenz here. Stormbringer photo album here. photo album here.

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