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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Here is the interview with Sander Gommans, and Jimmy Kresic talking about the new project Kiske/Somerville.

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The album was released on September 24th via Frontiers Records (in the U.S. on October 12). The digital single “Silence” was released on August 20th.

kiskesomervillecinterviewFanclub: How was the first contact with Mat when they told you about the project? Why did you accept to join in this project?

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Sander Gommans: Actually, it was Amanda who introduced me to the project. She proposed to Mat writing some songs with me, Mat knew me from After Forever, we had a nice chat at Progpower USA. Mat is a great guy, active in a lot of different genres in the music scene, I respect him a lot.

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Of course I wanted to participate on the project, since writing music for other artists is my main occupation when it comes to music. I am not interested in setting up a live band at this point, so this was a prefect opportunity for me!

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Amanda and I have been working together for years, and as a old school metalhead I was of course familiar with Helloween and Michael Kiske, so i was excited!
Jimmy Kresic: Uhmmm, it was not so dificult to accept to join in project like this 🙂 you know, first of all Mat is friend of my and I love to jam/play/records with him.

Also to play and compose for such a voice’s like Michael Kiske and Amanda Somerville is for me a honour.

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865454hhjThe Official Michael Kiske Fanclub thanks Michael Kiske and Sebastian Vollmer for providing a had-signed edition of the new Place Vendome – Thunder in the Distance album for the Fanclub contest. Now the contest is over today on 24.11.2013.  We had 23 people sinding in their answers and 5 people with all correct answers.  But thanks to all who contributed to this conest and there will be a new chance soon. Here we have the final winner after the drawing:




The winners is:

Dionysis Papageorgiou



2 questions were a little bit tricky to most people, because it was necessary to read every word. In question 1 we asked for 10 albums or 11 albums, if you named for example 2 different editions of the same album. Many people forgot the re-issue of Michael Kiske – Instant Clarity with the 4 bonus tracks in 2006. We also did not ask for EP’s, which are not full albums or any compilations. The third question was also a little tricky to some people and they forgot to name the co-writers of the album.

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Don’t forget the contest to win this signed item only runs 2 more days. 😉

I have again a little surprise for the members of Michael Kiske Official fanclub. Michael Kiske and Official Michael Kiske contact Sebastian Vollmer provided a signed CD of the new Place Vendome album ‘Thunder in the Distance’ for our fanclub contest. I want to know who are the best fans of Michael Kiske and Place Vendome in the world so I propose 3 interesting questions. If more than one people answer all questions, I will do a drawing between them and if nobody answers the questions it will be a drawing between the fans who had more right answers.


Here is the prize:

– Gold prize: Place Vendome – ‘Thunder in the Distance’ album hand signed by Michael Kiske (European Digipack edition)

 The contest starts today and ends on 23.11.2013 at 23:59 o’clock!!!


Please send your answers to this email:


So here you have the 3 questions:

1 – How many A L B U M S did the label Frontiers Records release with Michael Kiske on it?

2 – Who is the new member of Place Vendôme?

3. Tell all writers/composers of the new Place Vendome album?

Here we have another new Michael Kiske audio Interview for the ‘Metal Voice’ from November 2013:


New (AUDIO) interview with Michael Kiske for Rockeyez 05.11.2013


EPK for Place Vendome – Thunder in the Distance feat. Michael Kiske.

Here we continue with our interview series regarding the new Place Vendome album ‘Thunder in den Distance. This time we spoke with Michael Kiske (vocals), Dennis Ward (producer and bass) and Uwe Reitenauer (guitars).


Kiske Fanclub: Can you tell us some differences between the latest Place Vendome album and the previous ones?

Michael: For me the third one is more AOR than the one before.

Dennis: Well, for a start it’s blue 🙂  Mainly I think the biggest difference is that it’s much more keyboard influenced and more traditional.

Uwe: For the first Album Dennis, Gunter and me wrote the music, so there’s more personal input from us. If the results is better on the latest album, which is written from a couple of songwriters, this question should be answered  by PV fans.


Kiske Fanclub: What are your favorite songs of the new Place Vendome album?


Dennis: Not easy to answer but I really like the vibe of Maybe Tomorrow a lot.

Uwe: Hold your Love and Thunder in the distance. Great for Michaels Voice and they are just good songs!

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