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Monthly Archives: September 2013

After a long Avantasia tour, a summer break and some holidays, Michael Kiske answered more questions that you asked in the forum, so please check out the latest answers. Every folder beginning with ‘Michael Kiske:’ contains an answer. Here are a few excerpts from the answers:


Question: Don’t you think it was a funny coincidence that in 1988 you toured with Iron Maiden and they were doing the Seventh Tour, now 25 years later, you shared 2 festival with them again at Sonisphere Festival in Spain and they will be playing that same tour of 1988? What do you think about it? And did you have time to talk with the guys of Iron Maiden there?

Michi: Yup, it’s funny sometimes. Unfortunately we played very late, so they were gone when I arrived. I usually don’t hang around much on festivals. Just show up right before and leave again after the show. I would have loved to say hi to Rod Smallwood (their manager) especially.


Question: Hi Michael, my question: after particularly RTS and SupaRed (which had a harder sound, though), your projects have all been either in the traditional hard rock/AOR vein, the symphonic metal genre or geared towards gentle and traditional acoustic music. Now, while that’s already a wider range than most “former Metal-singers” have, I always thought that a lot of the music on those two albums pointed in another, more “experimental pop” direction. So the question as such: would you ever consider recording a mature, intelligent and stylistically very open and even experimental but nevertheless pure pop-rock album with no hard rock elements at all (I’m thinking of bands like U2, Coldplay, David Bowie, The Beatles, Marillion etc.)? Or is that not what you’re interested in at all?

Michi: Very possible. Even though I see U2 as a real rock band. The next album I am doing with my best friend Sandro Giampietro is very open in that matter. It will rock but also actually has a touch of U2 here and there from the guitars. Funny that you ask. I am very open minded and like lots of different types or music. So anything is possible.


Question: First of all a big compliment and thanks for the first Unisonic album to the entire band! It feels good to see how much fun you and Kai have together again! I followed your music since I was 13 (1987). The positive attitude of your music accompanied me through my youth. Like a lot of long term fans I think that most of your past work is still so much underrated. Songs like New Horizons, My Guardian Angel, Cross The Line or I Believe (just examples) are definitely to good to play them live never again. Moreover lots of them have a relationship to your current band mates. Will it be possible to hear some of those songs in longer headliner shows on next Unisonic tour? – They would even fit into an awesome extended live album.

Kiske: Thanks for your long support, Brigitte! (note: this question was originally raised by Sebastian in our forum, so there are more longtime fans except me 😉 ) Yes, some stuff was very cool. But I don’t think Unisonic would be wanting to play that stuff. We want to play our own music mostly. But when I ever make a tour maybe with Sandro Giampietro, I might play some of that stuff. It is very possible that we play LONGING on the tour in December with the orchestra. I suggested it and they liked the idea. We’ll see!


Note: All answers in the forum with a “Mandy Meyer:” or “Michael Kiske:” in the headline contain an answer! You can also add new questions in our forum! Please read the information and rules for posting in our forum!

Michael Kiske answered more questions, so please follow the links.

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We have something special for you here and we interviewed Stanis W. Decker, the designer of the new Place Vendome cover ‘Thunder in the Distance’. He is a great designer who usually works with the U.S. label Metal Blade and Italian Frontiers Records.

He did the cover artwork of another project related with Michael Kiske, its the Timo Tolkki’s Avalon album: The Land Of New Hope also the singles A World Without Us and Enshrined In My Memory. He also worked with other bands like: Stryper, Monument, Gaia Epicus, Vanden Plas, Battlecross, Tidal Dreams, Lady Fuel and a lot of more.

He is also logo creator/designer, storyboarder/director of videoclips, he already filmed with Awacks: ‘Madness’ and In The Guise Of Men: ‘Drowner’. And also tattoo designer.  Additionally he is a musician himself and plays bass in the band Awacks. I hope you enjoy reading this interview. 🙂


Kiske Fanclub: When Frontiers told you about making the Place Vendome – Thunder in the Distance cover artwork, who came with the main idea of the cover? Did you make the whole booklet?

Stan-W D: The cover concept was suggested by the staff of Frontiers Records. But I knew the previous two albums (I’m a fan of Streets Of Fire, an album full of great songs) and I thought it was a good idea to continue with that path. But I also wanted to add a mystical dimension and more surreal look of the eagle to create a direct link with the album title. The wings are the storm clouds, the lightning give the dynamic movement of the wings, the whirlpools in the ocean came naturally to increase the power of the image and give strength to the concept. The bright colours and the contrast seemed to me appropriate to the group’s music. They are a little soft– this is how I understand the FM aspect of Place Vendome – and on the other side they have heavy reminiscences, symbolized by the dynamics of the illustration.

To answer the second part of the question, yes I’ve designed all the artwork, the Japanese and the regular edition. There are a few differences between these editions (some pictures are different). I didn’t make the vinyl edition. I personally would have loved to make the whole package, I love to create a beautiful package and the pages of the booklets while listening to the music.

Kiske Fanclub: The cover is amazing and it seems everybody love it, what is your final opinion about it?

Stan-W D: It is very difficult to judge your own work. I’m surprised and glad that people like it. For me, I really enjoyed working for Place Vendome because as I explained above, I’m a fan of Streets of Fire album. I must admit even telling to myself that I would have liked to design the previous covers of Place Vendome… (and finally it happened)

Kiske Fanclub: What do you think about the covers of 1st and 2nd album? Did you get inspiration from them?

Stan-W D: I prefer the cover of Streets of Fire, it has also motivated me to buy the album. It is more majestic and less static than the first. I like the continuity with the theme of the eagle, which became a sort of mascot. To use that animal on the new cover became so obvious. The only real difficulty was not plagiarism of the two previous artworks… specially the posture of the bird.

Kiske Fanclub: You’re also a director, do you think they will film a videoclip? Will you do it?

Stan-W D: I am an artistic director, no director of videoclips, however I storyboarded occasionally video clips with a group of friends. We did the clip “Madness” for Awacks (my group of heavy/progressive, because I’m also a musician). And a second videoclip for the band In The Guise Of Men is being… I do these things for passion, but not professionally. I’m not involved at all with Place Vendome for this kind of media.

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Tobias Sammet conducted an interview with Michael Kiske in 1996 for ‘Evil Message’ number 8 as a replacement for the original interviewer. Here is a translation of most parts and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Tobi: Michi responded to my greeting “Hey, the rockstar personally“ just with “oh no”, but then after my first question about what happened to him after him leaving Helloween and why he was away for such a long time, he started a very long talking.

Michi: yes, I entered the band at a very young age and sang Keeper 1 with only 18 years and when you do music with people for such a long time, it is a very personal story that you connect with them….sadly the whole split with the band developed into a very ugly story and while the split itself was not the main problem, because personal and musical differences can happen anytime. The whole thing could have been done in a better way and with all these bad talking about each other, it hurt me very much. That was the reason why I kept away for quite a long time, this means I read a lot of books, made some holidays and cleared many things up for myself.

Tobi: Then you did no music during that time?

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In this post-summer calm (before the storm: Place Vendôme in December, Unisonic new album, Kiske/Somerville, Kiske 6th solo album and Christmas Metal Symphony Tour) without so many information I have time to make a summary with some interesting statistics about the website just with the intention to thank you for your support in this year, but mainly since I re-opened the fanclub one year ago.

Where Wishes Fly Fanclub have a long history since December of 2005 and it was supported and followed by a lot of fans all these years but also supported by a lot of musicians that gave us exclusive interviews and news with projects and bands related with the “Kiske world”.

In this new era of Where Wishes Fly Fanclub we got an average of 6.000 page views by day and with some days of 11.000 visits as maximum peak in March 2013.  In January 2013 we had 31.000 hits of the fanclub page as average and in March it was nearby 39.000 hits. Another peak was in April/Mai 2013 with 35.000 hits. Visitors usually stay for about 9 minutes on the page and they checked at least 5 pages by visit.

Here is the graphic about people visiting several pages of our fanclub and downloading files:

So thanks a lot to the visitors of contries like USA, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Brazil.  The top 10 visitors are Germany, USA, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, Brazil, Sweden, Russia and Greece.


Tobi Sammet of Avantasia with some label mates and his award as “Best German Act” at the Metal Hammer Awards in Berlin, Germany. Please don’t forget Michael Kiske, Amanda Somerville, Bob Catley, Oli Hartmann, Thomas Rettke, Sascha Paeth, Felix Bohnke and many more are also responsible for this success. 😉

We added a new guestbook for our Official Kiske Fanclub, so please feel free to tell us your opinion about Michael Kiske, the fanclub and whatever you want to share. Please also feel free to tell us about things we can improve. 🙂

Our Official Kiske Fanclub did an exclusive mini interview with Dirk Bruinenberg who replaced Kosta Zafiriou on the drums in the new Place Vendome album ‘Thunder in the Distance’. He played in bands like Elegy and Adagio. So I hope you enjoy reading this interview. 🙂

Kiske Fanclub: How did you join in the project of Place Vendome?

Dirk Bruinenberg: I am in contact with Dennis a lot, we have been friends since I met him with the Adagio recordings and over the years I did many recordings with him….so when Kosta got too busy he asked me….simple as that


Kiske Fanclub: When did you know you’ll work in the new Place Vendome album, did you listen to the other 2 cds? What do you think about them?

Dirk Bruinenberg: They gave me their album years ago….Kosta is a very busy guy and I think the setup was that if he got too busy I could fill in…..well, didn’t hear nothing for many years after….hahaha, but now I think it was the right time ….I knew everybody in the band already except Michael….all very cool guys their albums are great….like them a lot


Kiske Fanclub: If you listened to the older CDs, what are the differences between them? How does the new album sound?

Dirk Bruinenberg: There is not so much difference in my opinion….the’re all great AOR songs and the new album fit’s right in between


Kiske Fanclub: Since you played in bands of progressive and power metal, was it very difficult to play AOR/Hard Rock stuff?

Dirk Bruinenberg: Not so much….over the years I got to know what Dennis wants to hear in the studio….the hardest thing for me was to do less these are all vocalist albums and it’s all about the songs.


Kiske Fanclub: What do you think about Kiske’s previous work in Place Vendome, Unisonic and other projects?

Dirk Bruinenberg: Kiske did some great things over the years….I was watching him with Helloween when I was just a boy….he’s a great vocalist and I am happy to finally make an album with him

Soon the new album of Place Vendome – ‘Thunder in the Distance’ featuring Michael Kiske will be released on 1th November in Europe, on 5th November in the USA and on 23rd October in Japan. Here is the announcement of Frontiers: “Frontiers Records is pleased to announce that the new PLACE VENDOME album is close to completion. The title of this new recording will be “Thunder In The Distance” and like all the previous releases, sees singer Michael Kiske (former HELLOWEEN) singing on tracks produced and mixed by Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69) which were written especially for the album by different writers including: Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear), Timo Tolkki (ex Stratovarius), Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline), Tommy Denander (Radioactive), Sören Kronqvist (Sunstorm, Issa), Andrea Cantarelli (Labyrinth, A Perfect Day) and Brett Jones under the supervision of executive producer Serafino Perugino.

Michael Kiske about the new album:”I am having a very open mind in terms of music anyway, and the Place Vendome vibe is a pretty different approach than Unisonic” says Kiske. “I like many tracks off the Place Vendome albums, but especially Guardian Angel, Streets Of Fire, I Will Be Waiting, Set Me Free from the previous albums or now Maybe Tomorrow. For me the vocals are the most important part of a song of course.

Here are the first samples of the new album of Place Vendome ‘Thunder in the Distance’ :

This will be the tracklist:

‘Talk To Me’
‘Power of Music’
‘Broken Wings’
‘Lost in Paradise’
‘It Can’t Rain Forever’
‘Fragile Ground’
‘Hold Your Love’
‘Never Too Late’
‘Heaven Lost’
‘My Heart is Dying’
‘Maybe Tomorrow’
‘Thunder in the Distance’


There are several shops, where you can already preorder it. Here at in Germany at , at at EMP in a special edition icluding T-Shirt , at here at including a vinyl edition in iTunes,at here for USA and in Japan at Amazon Japan and at