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Monthly Archives: March 2013

The new Avantasia – The Mystery of Time album is released today in 9 physical editions and as digital download.

This weekend you can buy the new album for a very special price of 5€ at amazon as digital download:  Click here

Here you can find all different editions:



1. CD DIGIBOOK + 2 Bonus Tracks The Mystery of Time Price 18.99 EUR
2. CD Standard The Mystery of Time Price 14.99 EUR
3. 2LP (Black Vinyl) The Mystery of Time Price 19.99 EUR
4. 2PIC LP The Mystery of Time Price 19.99 EUR
5. 2LP CLEAR VINYL The Mystery of Time (limited 250 editions)  Price 19.99 EUR   (sold-out)
6. 2LP BLUE VINYL The Mystery of Time  (limited 250 editions) Price 19.99 EUR
7. 2LP GOLD VINYL The Mystery of Time (100 handnumbered editions) Price 29.99 EUR  (sold-out)
8. 2LP Brown VINYL The Mystery of Time (limited 250 editions) Price 29.99 EUR  (sold-out)
10. Replacement CD for Instrumetal CD of Earbook Edition
11.CD Boxset with DIGIPACK EARBOOK with cover artwork printed on canvas (LIMITED to 150 copies) PRICE 64.99 EUR (sold-out)


1. Standard Japanese Edition
2. Limited 2 CD Japanese Edition
3. Limited 2 CD Deluxe Korea Edition



It can be ordered from Nuclear Blast:  Click here

Here you find some editions at EMP:  Click here and here at Amazon:  Click here

Here are possibilities to order the Japanese editions at Amazon Japan:  Click here and at CD Japan:  Click here


Now the Kiske iPhone-App is for free, so grab your edition in the iTunes Store. This version features latest news and tour dates (you can locate the venues and your own location on map) concerning Michael Kiske and Unisonic. Besides, you can buy Michael Kiske related Discs and Merchandise. Additionally a facebook integration is added.



Sinner just announced via facebook the following statement: “Good news at midnight …. it will happen – Kiske/Somerville 2 later this year! Great :-)”

We will keep you informed about more details as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

New video clip of Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – Enshrined In My Memory (Official video) featuring Elize Ryd:


The digital single of Timo Tolkki’s Avalon is released today on Monday 25th of March in iTunes and in Amazon. The promotional video featuring Elize Ryd and Timo Tolkki will be released today too.

It can also be purchased via amazon, so please check these links for amazon U.K.: Click here and amazon Germany: Click here and amazon USA: Click here


The full album of Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – ‘The Land of new Hope’ can be pre-ordered here as limited CD+DVD edition: : Click here and here as standard edition: Click here


We have a few more answered questions from Michael Kiske. Here is an excerpt:

Question: For Unisonic’s first album, you wrote only one song…. Do you think we can expect perhaps a few more songs like this for Unisonic’s next album?

Michael Kiske: Hard to say, they sometimes don’t care too much about my songs, because my songs tend to sound very different to their stuff. But if I write one and they think it’s cool, we’ll do it. If we don’t do a song that I wrote, but I do like a lot, I do it somewhere else.

Here you can find all questions and answers in our forum and after registering, you can add new questions (so check here from time to time). Please create for every new question a separate topic, since this makes it easier to collect and send the questions. Go to the forum here:  Click here


The new single for Avantasia ‘Sleepwalking’ is released today and also the new videoclip is available! So enjoy it:



You can buy the new Avantasia sinle ‘Sleepwalking’ via iTunes from today on. There was also a videoclip shot of ‘Sleepwalking’ that will be released today as well. The single is available on 22.03.2013 in iTunes shop of Germany, Brasil and some more. For iTunes U.K it is listed for 24.03.2013 and for iTunes USA for 26.03.2013. More shops may follow.

Now it can also be purchased via amazon, so please go here for amazon Germany: Click here , here for amazon U.K.: Click here and here amazon USA: Click here

You have the chance to win a Gamma Ray – Master of Confusion EP and a Gamma Ray – Skeletons& Majesties BlueRay. Just write an email to Rock Hard with your full name and address and of course Gamma Ray as band. Here is the email:

Hier noch mal auf Deutsch: Ihr könnt eine Gamma Ray – Master of Confusion EP und eine Gamma Ray – Skeletons& Majesties BlueRay gewinnen. Dazu müsst Ihr nur eine email mit Eurem Namen und Eurer Adresse, sowie Gamma Ray als Stichwort hierhin senden:

Read the full message of Rock Hard in German here:  Click here

The new Gamma Ray (official) EP “Master Of Confusion” is released today on March 15th 2013 via ear MUSIC. And it includes a song with Michael Kiske ‘Time To Break Free’ recorded in Bochum on 28.04.2011. Remember that Skeletons & Majesties Live DVD and BlueRay included the show in Switzerland with some bonus of Bochum. They also releasesd last year the audio CD with the live songs from Pratteln, but the 6 songs from Bochum were missing. The Japanese edition features a special bonus track with a German version of ‘Send me a Sign’. Now you have the chance to grab them now with this new EP. Here is the tracklist:


1. Empire Of The Undead (brand new song)
2. Master Of Confusion (brand new song)

3. Death Or Glory (HOLOCAUST version)
4. Lost Angels (SWEET version)

5. The Spirit (live in Bochum)
6. Wings Of Destiny (live in Bochum)
7. Gamma Ray (live in Bochum)
8. Farewell (live in Bochum)
9. Time To Break Free (with Michael Kiske) (live in Bochum)
10. Insurrection (live in Bochum)
11. Send me a Sign (German version) Japanese Bonus Track



If you didn’t catch your copy yet, you can order the EP  here at Amazon:  Click here at EMP:  Click here at Nuclear Blast:  Click here

This weekend you can grab the digital download edition for 5€  here at Amazon:  Click here

Here you can order the Japanese edition, which has a bonus track ‘Send me a Sign’ as German version. Order here at Amazon Japan:  Click here and at CD Japan:  Click here

Read the full announcement about the new EP:  Click here


Here you can see a video also from the Skeletons&Majesties tour 2011 in Pratteln featuring Michael Kiske on ‘Time to Break Free’.