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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Update: The first 2 answers of Michael Kiske are added in our forum, so please check it. Don’t forget to add new questions there as well.

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Since our Fanclub is now fully functional again, we reopened the Q&A section, like it was done in the old ‘Where wishes Fly’ Kiske fanclub. Micha will also manage the section like he always did. You can post questions and we will send the most interesting questions to Kiske from time to time and when he has time, he will answer them. We try to organize the same for our Unisonic Fanclub. So stay tuned for the first questions answered by Kiske.

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You can find all questions and answers in our forum and after registering, you can add new questions (so check here from time to time). here: Click here

Kiske Fanclub: Can you give us an update about the Kiske/Giampietro album? How is the progress and when do you think it could be released?

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Michael Kiske: We are working on it in between other stuff. No idea when it will be released. I haven’t even made a deal yet. But I guess at the end of the year is possible.

New trailer for ‘The new Metal opera’ with news:

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1. It is written and produced by Timo Tolkki
2. The name of the project is ‘Timo Tolkki’s Avalon
3. The album name is ‘The Land of new Hope
4. It is released on 17.05.2013 in Europe and on 21.05.2013 in North America
5. Guests are: Michael Kiske (Unisonic), Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation), Russel Allen (Symphony X), Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica), Elyze Ryd (Amaranthe), Rob Rock, Jens Johansson (Stratovarius), Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody of Fire)

Check this great interview with Dennis Ward by Uber Rock about the new album of Pink Cream 69 “Ceremonial” where he also talks about Unisonic new album and Place Vendôme.

Dennis Ward tells he will compose stuff for the 3rd Place Vendôme album:

“I didn’t have a lot of time around the second one, I was quite busy. This time there have been a lot of songs offered, however I am going to sit down and try and offer some songs myself. If I’m lucky I’ll get three or four in there too. I’ve actually only recently started writing again because I was on tour and then I had a large production with Krokus that I’ve only just finished as well as working with Pink Cream at the same time. So since Christmas I’ve been trying to endeavour with some new song writing and I’ve got quite a few ideas. That’s easy to say but sometimes they come out well and sometimes you say what the hell? (laughs). But I’m actively writing now and I’m hoping it’s gonna be some stuff for Place Vendome. There should also too be a new Khymera album coming out and I’m just trying to keep as much going on with the song writing as I can. So it’s all very busy. Read the full interview here.


Information about the new Place Vendome album featuring Michael Kiske: The drummer on the new Place Vendome album is Dirk Bruinenberg! He played in bands like Elegy and Adagio. His recordings will start mid/end of May. Check out his MySpace page: Click here

The Michael Kiske Fanclub did an exclusive interview with Tobias Sammet from Avantasia and Edguy. He talks about the new Avantasia album titled The Mystery Of Time, the live tour as well as some things related to Michael Kiske.So I really hope you enjoy it:


Kiske Fanclub: When did you start planning the new album? Did you plan/talk about it at the end of the tour in 2010?

Tobias: Well, after the tour the only plan we had was to do the Wacken show in 2011 and that was it. When I quit Avantasia I honestly felt that I needed to put it on hold and focus on Edguy again. Avantasia was never meant to be a constant project but just a little side project to go crazy, break out of the routine and fulfill my dreams from a music-fan’s point of view. So it felt good to organise my thoughts and call it a day regarding Avantasia. But after we had done Age Of The Joker with Edguy and I think in the middle of the promotional campaign, somewhere in between shows and interviews I found myself disappearing in my basement again, escaping into my very sacred private music room and composing music in my own little world. Just like every man has a strange hobby to recharge the batteries, mine was to compose music. And after a while, maybe at the end of 2011 I realized that this feels like Avantasia.


Kiske Fanclub: You were together with Unisonic at Masters of Rock Festival 2012.  Did you like the live sound of the band? And do you like the album?

Tobias: I watched the whole show from the side of the stage and I felt proud for Michael and Kai and I really enjoyed the show. I mean, let’s face it: Michi still has it and I was able to witness that from the side of stage. I caught “March Of Time” and “Future World” and I think “I Want Out”. I think they also played I want Out but I am not sure of that. I really loved to hear those songs sung by Michael but also the new material sounded great. “Unisonic” and “I’ve Tried”, great songs that really work well with Michael’s voice. I am not too familiar with all of the songs, but I also remember “Souls Alive”, cool song too.


Kiske Fanclub: In previous Avantasia albums you did collaborations with some female vocalists like Amanda, Sharon, Cloudy but these are always very small collaborations, why did you not create a character for a woman, I mean an important character for singing more than half of a song. Continue reading

In March the new Avantasia album “The Mystery Of Time” will be released on 30.03.2013. Lyrically it marks a conceptual story again, and the tracklist reads as follows:

Information about Avantasia – ‘The Mystery of Time’ song lenght and bonus tracks:

CD 1:

01. Spectres (6:09)
02. The Watchmaker’s Dream (4:14)
03. Black Orchid (6:55)
04. Where Clock Hands Freeze (4:37)
05. Sleepwalking (3:52)
06. Savior In The Clockwork (10:40)
07. Invoke The Machine (5:32)
08. What’s Left Of Me (5:08)
09. Dweller In A Dream (4:48)
10. The Great Mystery (10:02)
11. The Cross And You (4:15)
12. Death Is Just A Feeling (5:24)

We updated the information about the different available editions of the new Avantasia album ‘The Mystery of Time’, also including Japanese Editions. Check these information here: Click here

The new Metal Opera featuring Michael Kiske, who will sing the titel track ‘Land of new Hope’. Other confirmed guest musicians are: Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation, Russel Allen (Symphony X), Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica), Elyze Ryd (Amaranthe), Rob Rock, Jens Johansson (Stratovarius), Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater)

Good news for collectors! More information about GAMMA RAY (Official) new EP. “Master Of Confusion” EP will be released on March 15th via ear MUSIC. And it will include a song with Michael Kiske ‘Time To Break Free’ recorded in Bochum (remember that Skeletons & Majesties Live included the show in Switzerland with some bonus of Bochum). Here is the tracklisting:

Empire Of The Undead (brand new song)
Master Of Confusion (brand new song)

Death Or Glory (HOLOCAUST version)
Lost Angels (SWEET version)

The Spirit (live in Bochum)
Wings Of Destiny (live in Bochum)
Gamma Ray (live in Bochum)
Farewell (live in Bochum)
Time To Break Free (with Michael Kiske) (live in Bochum)
Insurrection (live in Bochum)



It can be pre-ordered here at Amazon:  Click here

Read the full announcement about the new EP:  Click here


There were some more reports of journalists who attented the listening session of the new Avantasia album ‘The mystery of time’. Here are some translated excerpts of the reviews from metal_de and metalcircus:

…However now with “Where Clock Hands Freeze” we are going back to the beginnings of AVANTASIA. There’s also Michael Kiske not far away, with whom he works since the first “Metal Opera” album. The fans can look forward to a kind of retro feeling: “Michi Kiske has told me that these songs are power metal songs, that he sang.” So I told him: ‘OK, well, cool! People will be happy to hear this'” The feel-good number also benefits from a totally cool solo duel between producer Sascha Paeth and Oliver Hartmann on guitar. …..

…The first is the long track  – “Savior in the Clockwork” and it takes some time, until the whole song structure unfolds. A slow intro starts this song and keeps the connection of this more than ten minutes long track. After an initially rather fast feel-good part, towards the middle a wonderfully atmospheric part is included. A brilliantly groovy solo passage followed by a break and spherically-sounding vocals. In the end it goes back to feel-good anthem, but overall it is especially the diversity that makes this piece so interesting. No wonder, that with Joe Lynn Turner, Biff Byford, Michael Kiske and Tobias Sammet all four singers presented so far are involved…..

…With “Dweller in a Dream” once again a Michael Kiske-power metal song is played. Fast and impulsive and people may initially think a familiar AVANTASIA style track follows. If you listen more closely to the details, there are again many fresh elements that you didn’t hear before….


“The triumphal entry of Michael Kiske on this album happens on ‘Clock Hands Where Freeze’, a melodic track and hard for about 4 minutes and half. With a good orchestral start and with the solos of Sascha Paeth and Oliver Hartmann. Obviously the track remember to Helloween’s Keepers. A hard track with double bass drums. One of those tracks that Michael doesn’t record since 80ties. The ultra high tone that he does before the first chorus make you think why this guy was 20 years far of heavy metal with all the stuff he can contribute.”


The crown jewel in this album is “Savior in the Clockwork”, a song almost eleven minutes long, where Turner, Byford, Kiske and Sammet himself sing, while lead guitarist Bruce Kulick is there as well. A work of art like film soundtrack starts, but quickly turns into a theme halfway between power metal and hard rock and only Sammet is able to unite the two styles. The first singer is Turner, who continues to work on medium-high tones, happy to be abused by Sammet. Then Sammet, who is responsible for the second part of the song, making the most of their entire vocal range. The chorus is so typically Sammet, with touches hymnic and bombastic choruses like something out of a template.


‘Dweller In A Dream’ is probably one of the best tracks in the album, again with Michael Kiske on vocals, but it is neccesary to listen it to understand its real dimension.


Here is the full original report of in German:  Click here

Here is the full translated report of Click here

Here is the original Spanish report of the listening session from Click here



There was another long report of the latest listening session for Avantasia’s new album ‘A mystery of time’. The report is in German and we did a fast translation of some statements:


A ballad part is just the beginning of “Where Clock Hands Freeze”, then it is a typical, fast melodic metal number, which is of course sung by Sammet and Kiske. The latter shows, as always, that he is one of the best of this style.

The best track of the album has the title “Savior in the Clockwork”. The epic long track begins with a soundtrack atmosphere and is becoming the most diverse all-rounder that can offer a grand chorus, great solos and a goosebumps-causing feelings. With Turner, Sammet , Byford and Kiske, there are four voices in this track.

“Dweller in a Dream” speeds up the tempo again and again with Kiske sings this song with Sammet. This track has a slightly melancholy note but could also acts as a survival from EDGUY songwriting sessions.

Here is a longer translation of this report:  Click here

Here is the original report in German:  Click here