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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Although his participation as guest vocalist on the new Avantasia album never has been any real secret, Michael Kiske now confirmed the continuation of long-term collaboration with Tobias Sammet: “I will sing on three to four songs, although it might be possible that there will be even more as the guys are still in the middle of songwriting and recording. The songs I will sing are typical Avantasia songs, great melodies in a Power-Metal vesture. I really like the material, Tobi simply is able to compose excellent and great melodies.”,en/

Tobias is currently in the studio working with a legion of guest instrumentalists and vocalists on a new AVANTASIA album to be released in spring 2013. The album will once again be a Rock Opera based on a conceptual story very similar to the early AVANTASIA albums.

Tobias: “I just talked to Michi Kiske and he said that the stuff reminds him a lot of the old classic AVANTASIA material in the good old Keeper style. As a fan, now that sounds even exciting to me, so the circle shuts.”

Check out for the full news release with quotes (and a video) from Tobi!


Tobi and Michi at Masters of Rock 2012:

Avantasia will be headlining the Power Prog and Metal Fest with a more than 2 hours show! This festival is the biggest indoor metal fest in Europe. It will take place on April 12th, 13th and 14th 2013 in Mons (Belgium). Other confirmed headlining bands are Helloween, Gamma Ray and Stratovarius. Michael Kiske is not confirmed for Avantasia yet!

Michael Kiske did a very interesting interview with the webzine La Crítica Musical, after the show Unisonic at La Riviera, Madrid.


Michael said about his new soloalbum:

Kiske: “I will be doing a new solo album with a friend of mine (Sandro Giampietro), This new album will have two songs of Elvis Presley on it and one could be an acoustic track.


He also commented about his return to the scene:

Kiske: “Since I was 17 years out the scene… in any other musical scene you would be history. In other scenes you only stays for 2-3 years and after that they forget you, but in this scene it doesn’t work like that and I’m grateful and I’m really enjoying it, is like healing injuries.



About preparing something special for these shows?
Kiske: No, I’m not the only one in the band, I do not like the preparation, trying to design movements. We had some fights about it because they think it should be the case, but I do not like it. I like spontaneous things, even with using the legs, it can be entertaining. I don’t think the public should have a perfect show – they want to be entertained, no matter what happens, you are yourself. Kai is more for me, due to years of Helloween, but everyone has a different opinion, but I do not care, I do not prepare, except singing, of course.


And about Unisonic’s second album:

Kiske: “We want to finish a new album for the next year. Also we must keep in mind that before the first album we had not played live, so now after this tour I’m sure the new album will be much better. We have now more band quality, we know how we sound on the stage. I would be really surprised if the next album is not stronger, like band.

(Juliana Rosano interviewer and Rubén Luis Mazhoud photographer)


TNT Radio Rock broadcasted on October 17th, in the program “La Mirada Negra” an interview with Kai Hansen recorded in Madrid after the show at La Riviera, same like Kiske’s interview.


Kai did a nice statement:

Kai Hansen: “There is one thing that always nags me. I hate it when Unisonic play a song I’ve wrote for Helloween, and people write ‘Helloween cover version’, it’s not a fucking cover version, it is an original!