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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Suefish Promotion: “The last days we received a lot of questions about Michael Kiskes attendance at the “Masters Of Rock Festival (CZ)” together with Gamma Ray next Saturday (Nov. 26th). Yes, we can confirm that Michael will be there on stage during some songs. Maybe the nice people from the Kiske fanclub could forward this message to the asking fans?”

Some more information about technical details of this years Winter Masters of Rock like the implementation of projection screens  read more

I just wanted to let you know (for German speakers), there is a new Michael Kiske interview (6 pages) in German Rock Hard Number 295 December edition. It is about a special topic “Heaven & Hell” and several other musicians also tell about their beliefs.

Norwegian metallers TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK did a new interview about the first album release and their impressions about Michael Kiske as a guest singer as well as Michael’s point of view about the song they offered to him.

Interviewer (MT): You seem to be big fans of Michael Kiske’s. What was the reason to choose “The ethereal dream” for his vocals? What did he say about the song when you invited him?
Trond: We are indeed big fans of Michael Kiske. But to get the opportunity to work with Michael we had to find a very special song for him, and not the typical Helloween-ish power metal song. Maybe next time? I think if you play your cards right, you can get whatever you want.

“‘The Ethereal Dream’ was a very nice and fresh tune. Since I am in a real band now (Unisonic), I won’t be doing many projects like this anymore in the future, but there has always been very good stuff among it, and that’s one of the better ones.” – Michael Kiske

Interviewer (MT):  When is the album release?

Trond: According to Pete from the record label (Battlegod Productions), the release date of our debut album would be late January or early February 2012, but the exact release date is not yet known. But we’re not sitting on our asses just waiting for the release. We have already started to write and record for another album. The follow-up will also be recorded on a song-by-song basis and there will once again be some very special guests.

Read the complete interview here at Metallic Taste